5 things not to say to a woman at your first date

Are there really people who do not need dating tips. It may happen in case of those who have been into several ones before and is a pro with dating a woman. But, it is better not to learn from the third or the fourth mistake and losing out on all the great women, so be ready to woo the lady in your very first date. The first mistake that generally all men make is to say the wrong things at the wrong time. He may not find it offensive or unpleasant, but that would have surely affected the lady negatively and she is no longer interested in prolonging the conversation with him! So, here we present some first date tips about lines that should never be blurted out in front of a woman if you are too desperate to make an impression.

Never say to her that she reminds you of somebody else

This is a grave mistake. All people in the world resemble someone or the other in certain aspects. But, we do not like to be compared with others. So, on a first date, a man needs being very careful about saying lines like “you remind me off...” This is because, a woman loves feeling special. In order to make an impression on her, one should always make her realize that he has never met a more wonderful person than her! People like being their own brand. Comparing her with someone will make her feel less special and she will lose interest in the date.

Never talk about Racism

Often people have a tendency to show off, how liberal a perspective they have, when they actually don’t. Saying things like “I am not a racist, but...” is already proving that whatever you are going to say further will definitely sound like a racist. If you are not one, you won’t have talked about in the first place! That is the notion women believe in. So, try avoiding such discussions and try finding something to start off with that will tickle her bone.

Religious discussions are a strict no-no

You have definitely not come to meet a nun. So, talking about religions creates a sense of boredom and zero excitement. So, try to be secular and avoid getting into religious thoughts or discussions because she would probably not hold any interest in God and Heaven. Sharing casual talks and things about each other’s lives would be a great way to tick off.

Do not talk about your bad habits

Habits, like snoring or forgetting and not liking to read, are not worth sharing. If the relationship takes off after the first date, then, she will definitely find out about them.

Do not over-share

Make sure that the topic of discussion does not centralize upon your life. She might be nodding her head, but in her mind she must be looking for a way to get out! The golden rule will always be to make the woman feel special. So, stop sharing every tiny-winnie detail about your life and try exploring about hers.

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