Know When And How To Say Sorry

Saying sorry is a character building exercise. Not everyone can express that they were wrong and the other person was right. See that you are not one of them and see that you do say sorry as it helps you to do the following things-

1. It builds trust. The foundation of any meaningful and successful relationship is trust. Saying you are sorry by a sorry sms for girlfriend will go a long way in helping you build trust in your relationship. It will help you grow love and respect for each other like nothing else will. Saying sorry also shows your maturity and your responsibility.

2. It allows you to move on in life. Saying sorry is a massive weight lifted off your psyche. The one time that you say sorry it helps you to move on with life. To concentrate on other things that might be more important to you and your wellbeing. A well timed meaningful sorry will build a lot of bridges that would have been otherwise impossible.

3. Saying sorry by ‘I am sorry sms’ will help build strong foundations.  Sometimes the foundations of your relationship crack and it is needed to be rebuilt. The best way to do it is by saying sorry and putting forward an olive branch to your partner.

4. Saying sorry makes the thing easier. The first time it seems really hard and your ego comes in the way. But the more you practice, the easier it gets to say it the next time.

5. It shows your integrity. We all make mistakes whether we like it or not. The more you want to hide it by not apologizing for it, the worse you will look. The best way is to recognize that you were at fault and be done with it.

6. Saying sorry will show your sincerity. Remember saying sorry is not the way to just bypass your mistake. It shows that you are not only willing to respect the fact that you were wrong, but also you are willing to work on it so that you do not repeat it again.

7. Saying sorry brings a sense of relief in you. The more you say it; it lifts some pressure off your shoulders. You feel relieved of some heavy burden.  A cute sorry sms is all it takes to lift that pressure off your shoulders.  Make sure that even if an apology is not taken, still by saying sorry will help you lift a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

8. Finally, it sets a good example for the children arourynd you. Who would not want his kids to grow up and learn the ways of life appropriately?  Teaching them the appropriate ways to send a sorry sms will go a long way in that learning.

There are various things that make a lot of difference in the quality of life. Knowing when and how to apologise is one of them. Incorporate it in your lifestyle and see what difference it makes to your life.

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