A Pictorial Motion For The Emotion : Video For Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to the teenage guy who religiously texts his girlfriend without fail every morning, a day dedicated to the newlywed couple who vow to hand over their lives to each other till death do them apart, a day dedicated to the 70-year old widow who still adores her husband’s photo during his primes, A DAY DEDICATED TO LOVE, the most common, easy and adorable feeling created by God and preached and praised by humans.

"Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." - Franklin P. Jones.

Each year, this season is awaited impatiently and celebrated with Zest and enthusiasm unparalleled. Many lovers cross the boundaries of innovation to make a mark on the scale of love. Each year some cupid struck lovers try out various combinations just to see a blush on their lover’s face. Still each year, there is a huge lot out there that cannot put out their emotions in words, are too shy, busy at work or just plain lazy, that those end up committing a crime of treating Valentine’s Day as just another day. If you find yourself amongst the guys listed previously, don’t worry. This year gift your Valentine a special gift with a personal touch, a romantic love video.

Love Songs Video: A movie of hers/his favorite romantic love video songs collaged into one big mash up with video effects created by you. This can also consist of photographic memories with ambient background music. Personal videos, photos and voice overs can be used.

Things to have ready before creating romantic love videos:

1) Photos of you both, put it all in there, ugly, funny, idiotic, lame since only you both are going to be viewing it over time. So that’s no shame.

2) A good romantic songs collection- If you are not much into music or if you want it all in one place try searching the internet for collection of love songs. They have a wide extensible and the most ear-gasmic songs of all times. Also, you can try artists like Enrique Iglesias, Jamie Foxx and Elvis Presley for the patent romantic tunes to set up the mood.

3) A video editor, Windows generally has a video editor and is pretty much upto the mark and easy to handle rather than the professional video editors, which are more complicated than flying a space ship.

4) A bit of imagination and charm for roughing out the edges and continuing the mood built up by the present with charming talks and smiles.

For the long distance cupid-struck couples for whom the distances don’t matter and are constantly in touch with each other via technology, Valentine day video acts as a savior on a gloomy day. Send it via email or upload on Facebook, easy peasy.

Since a life in love is not an easy, it’s harsh and heavy. It needs to be kindled with fire every day, every minute, every second. After all, “A picture is worth thousand words and a video worth thousand pictures”. 

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