Hacks worth Hat Tips for Greeting People!

When we talk about hacks, our mind shifts immediately to the stealthy world of computer hackers and crackers, who are typing numerous lines of codes on black screens, stealing data, breaking into others bank accounts and doing all sorts of spooky and creepy things. But that is not the case in the current context. This is a life hack we are going to discuss. Let me elaborate!

The way we interact with people is an important part of our personality. It evaluates our nature, reflects our education and lets others know about ourselves. Interaction opens a window between us and the world. Without interaction, we would be leading lonely and crappy lives all for ourselves or maybe not living the way we are doing right now. Now, what is it that begins an ideal interaction with a stranger? A greeting! Isn't it?

 A greeting like “Hello” or “Hi” almost always sets up any conversation. So, now you must be beginning to realize how important these simple gestures turnout to be. Greetings should invariably be sincere and meant to be said instead of just saying them for the sake of saying them.

There are other kinds of greetings too other than these ice-breaking greetings like 'Hi' and 'Hello'. These can be greetings wishing people on their birthdays, wishing people on their marriage and anniversaries, greetings sent via SMS for New Year or even the greetings in New Year Letters that set up the mood for a great start!

A good way to greet a person is to use words that are simple and touching. That way they reach straight into a person’s heart. Don't we get excited when we send text messages to someone after a long time? That is because we are expecting to see the reaction to our greeting. And we never stop bothering until a reply shows up in our inbox.

New Year wishes occupy an important place in the greeting arena. It is the time when people are looking to start their year with new resolutions. That’s a time when everyone wants to forgo the mistakes done in the past and look ahead. Essentially, this is a time for a positive approach. So a correct greeting in these circumstances is imperative and that magnifies the need for devising innovative, genuine and sincere ways to convey your feelings. The days when we used to wish people only through letters or greeting cards are now gone. Tweets, texts, phone calls and whatsapp chats have taken over largely and pushed the archaic communication methods to a back seat. So the avenues of greeting people have increased along with a multitude of people to be wished! We have more friends at any time surrounding us in social media sites than we ever used to have. So a good way to present once greeting becomes all the more important. 

Needless to say that, a New Year brings new promises and hopes and needs to be celebrated. The joy of celebration multiplies when shared with others. So, why stay back and ponder? Let’s pull up our socks and get going to greet people!

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