Spread joy and amazement: Choco-poets

Chocolate Day is second day of the Valentine week, and hence is important. On this day, loved ones and close friends exchange chocolates, which describe the feelings towards each other. People are known to gift their chocolate to parents and elders as a token of appreciation for their love and care.

Chocolate Day coming up, yes on 9th February, we present to you some well-known and some unknown facts and features on how to celebrate Chocolate Day. We will try helping you celebrate this chocolate day with love and gist. 

There are various chocolates having various meanings for chocolate day. Here is the hidden meaning decoded:

1: Milk Chocolate: If you consider someone a child at heart and your dear friend, then this will be the choice of chocolate that will summarize the child like behaviour and make him have a sweet tooth for this.

2: Butterscotch Chocolate:  A butterscotch chocolate are a symbol of dependency on a friend. Butterscotch chocolate is the flavours of chocolate are dependent.

3: Hazelnut Chocolate: Creative and passionate people love Hazelnut chocolates. Hazelnut chocolates can be a hidden symbol of appreciating a person’s who are creative and harmonious.

The Chocolate Day celebration can be made special with poems, shayaris and messages. Chocolate day poems and shayaris are specially tailored to suit the needs for making the chocolate day more chocolaty and flavoured.

Ask out a girl; confess the love you have towards her with this special poem about Chocolate Day:

Dil Humara Chocolate Ki Tarah Najuk
Tum Usme Dry Fruits Ka Tadka
Life Hogi Fruit And Nut Jaisi
Agar Mill Jaye Girlfriend Tere Jaisi…
Happy Chocolate Day

A poem should be chocolaty and tasty just as the chocolate you are describing in it. It should be wrapped with suspense, which should be opened slowly and cautiously. When opened, it should be a delight to the eyes and appealing to the person opening it. The poem as it unfolds the true flavour should be ecstatic and let the reader asking for more, just as a chocolate bar would do. 

Jesi Chocolate Methi Hai Tum Bhi Wesi Meethi
Karwi Batein Bhi Tumhari Lagti Hein Meethi
Sardion Mein Log Jalate Hain Ghar Mein Angeethi
Kisi Ki Na Hogi Muhabbat Jinti Humari Hai Meethi

This chocolate day surprise your close ones by writing down poems about chocolates, make these poems come from heart and jot down whatever you feel for the one you are writing. Don’t mind rhyming the words and sentences, put them in words that define what you feel and choose words that sum up all the feelings in one word itself. This will instil an amazing resonance of poetry. Read it out aloud and if you feel that the words have done justice to what you feel towards your loved one, voila, you are a poet. Present her a chocolate, her favourite one obviously, and read out or stick the poem beneath the wrapper and the silver coating. Let her be amazed on how romantic and full of feeling poem you have written.

Spread joy and love via chocolates on this Chocolate Day. Also, spread the joy to the underprivileged children by gifting them this novel love of care. May your day be blessed!


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