Teddy day is celebrated on February 10th, a few days before Valentine’s Day (February 14th).  On Teddy day, the main activity is to exchange teddy bears .Teddy bears are a sweet and cuddly gift expressing your love and affection to the recipient.   

Why are teddy bears so special?

  • Teddy bears are soft and cuddly: They exude warmth and affection. The first thing you do when you receive a teddy bear is to hug it. Teddy bears provide the opportunity to give a bear hug. They are so cozy to snuggle next to when you go to sleep.
  • They remind your partner about you: Teddy bears are the best replica of you. They constantly remind your girlfriend about you. When she needs a hug from you, all she has to do is to hug her teddy bear.
  • Better than other gifts: Roses and chocolates are the same old boring routine. Perfume and makeup only suit those who are obsessed with their looks. But stuffed toys like teddy bears are the perfect gift for Valentine’s week, especially Teddy day.
  • Have fun: Use Teddy day to send fun, Teddy day SMS to your loved one. In the heart of a girl, there is nothing more precious than a teddy bear, and a romantic SMS from a loved one.
  • Dreamy gift: Ever since childhood, girls have been enamored of fairy tales and pet stories.  Teddy bears with their button eyes, cuddly body, brown color and charming expression are the stuff of fairy tales.
  • Best friend: Teddy bears are not only toys, but also a girl’s best friend.  They are by her side all through the night and any time of the day she likes. Many girls have grown up hugging their favorite teddy bear all the nights.
  • Personalized teddy bear: One can choose a personalized teddy bear to gift your loved one. Visit online stores which provide this option. Send your name and personalized message to the company, and they will arrange a personalized teddy bear to be delivered to the doorstep of your loved one. You may have a secret pet name for each other; get it embossed on the teddy bear. You may have a code language for your loving messages; include it on your teddy bear.  A personalized teddy bear will mean the world to her as it implies that you have taken care and thought to present her this gift.
  • Constant companion: Teddy bears are most special because they compensate for your absence. Even if you are away at the office or in a faraway place across the continents, your love will remain fresh with the teddy bear to remind her of you.
  • Popular collections: May be your girlfriend likes to collect teddy bears. Teddy bears have been transformed from simple children’s toys to classic collections all across the world. There are museums dedicated to teddy bears.
  • Best gift: If you are wishing to give a gift, which is unforgettable and a constant companion to her, there is nothing better than a teddy bear. Roses and chocolates last at best a few days. Teddy bears are there as long as she cares for them.
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