A Shayarana Way of Rose day

Roses are the most traditional gift that existed as the mark of love. Like Roses, Shayari is also the most deep rooted and traditional way to acknowledge the love towards the counterpart. Rose day marks the beginning of the Valentine week, the most awaited romantic week of the year. Imagine you sending a happy Rose day SMS with shayari to the one you love before everybody, seeing that she can’t wait to get the rose out of your hands when she meets you. Yes, that’s how majestic Shayaris can be.

To get a basic gist of rose day SMS, you should have a crystal clear idea of what you really require. The requirement for Rose day SMS for friends, Rose day SMS for girlfriend or Rose day SMS for husband is that you should be original and not send forwarded SMS, you wouldn’t feel great when she comes to know that already 23 guys had sent here this SMS.

•    Shayari is an art, a flow of water, so let it flow, let words come out from the bottom of the heart from the depths of what you feel for the other person and go ahead and pen it down. Shayari is a short hindi poem written with deep and dark meaning, so try keeping suspense in words rather than going over the top.

•    Start simple with something that builds interest and creates a bit of suspense in minds of the reader. Let’s try one shayari on the go for you to understand it a bit better. Something on the lines of “Ajab hai ye ehsaas jo ruh me jagahai”.  Shayari is like an old man’s rum; not good when over the top. It should be plain and simple. Try avoiding heavy Urdu words and stick to basic Hindi words. If you can’t think of any words, think words from Bollywood tracks, sufi tracks as such, they are helpful.

•    Continue the onslaught with an emotional line, which is brimming with feelings that are trying to surface up on the paper. I would be writing the second line “Ab sirf tujhe milney eh dil bhaaga hai” 

•    Another complimentary line for this line should be there to create suspense and interest and in poetic language to complete the rhyme scheme of the Shayari. Here goes, “Pata nahi kya jadugari hai ye ki” 

•    They say all is well, that ends well. Always end it well and strong to summarize the entire intention of the lines you are jotting down. Let’s see, “Kaise tune Gulab se ye mera dil daaga hai”.

Ajabhai ye ehsaas jo ruh me jaga hai
Ab sirf tujhe milne yeh dil bhaaga
Ab to angaron pe tak chale hum
Tune toh Gulab se mera dil daaga hai

Hope these steps help you to make your Rose day a memorable one and create a lot of happiness. Though shayari writing is a difficult task, but if you take it up religiously, you can have flair with the girls having a weak spot for poets and shayars.

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