How do you begin without an end?

No break up is easy. It is one of the rare times when we are at our vulnerable worst. It seems that we go back to being a helpless new born, emotionally speaking, after a break up. And, it all makes sense. No one wants a relation to end, let alone end badly. But, we all have our reasons and sometimes, we can’t help going through the bad times.

  • It’s all about surviving the winter

During those tough days, what works like a magic balm is age-old truth-sayings like love shayaris. These little poems not always talk about mushy feelings of a warmer time; they also talk about eternal truths of human heartache and how to survive one.

Our folklores tell us about how lovers through the ages found ways to mend a broken heart with warm words of friends and wise men. Shayaris are best way to show the path to a dear one going through heartaches like the worst days of winter. Also, during these days, some people tend to retreat into their own shells. You just can’t get them out of that protective shell and talking them out of the break up gloom seems difficult, sometimes almost impossible a task. Help them survive the situation without getting on their nerves or being too intrusive by applying innovative and positive get back tricks. This will not only help the suffering soul, but also help you strengthen your relationship with the person.

  • When facing someone is hard

 Sometimes a rational confrontation between the lovers seems impossible. Facing the hard cold fact of a break up is really difficult and unbearable at times. Yet, one has to face the truths of life, there’s no other way. Communicating via shayaris can lessen the pain of the inevitable break up. When parting ways seems more logical and practical than staying together, however, you may try, it will fall apart sooner or later. Take time to get the courage and sort out the breakup reasons to come out of the situation gracefully.

  • When you know trouble is brewing

 Sometimes, despite our most sincere wishes and intensions, we sense tension in the relationship. You may feel that there’s something wrong, but you can’t put your finger on it. Feeling helpless and clueless in these moments is a natural reaction. Act upon this sense of negativity by addressing the issue. If you are looking for ways to express feeling, shayaris are an excellent option. The poetic words will work their magic without creating a sense of accusation or confusion.

 Emotional distance can grow in any relationship. And not working on the growing sense of alienation will only increase the tension. Please try to find a common ground to break the ice and address the issue. Showing your love emotions is always a good step to take. Once you take the first step and keep going, be it in a new relation or an old one, the journey will become a smooth one, in no time.

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