Make your life more meaningful with true friendship

Friendship is the need for life. Without friends, we would be totally alone, and our life would be joyless and colourless. The elation starts with same likes and develops with more care and love for each other. A friend is a blessing that is chosen by us.

The importance of friends is very much in life. Sometimes friends can be the deciding factors in our victory or defeat. Friends should be chosen very carefully.  Below are the top 5 true friendship signs that will help you in distinguishing between true and fake friends.

•           Always available for help- It is true that ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. A true friend is always ready to help you in the situation of any trouble or crises. No matter what is the size of the problem, a true friend will always extend a helping hand towards you in case of emergencies while the fake friends will be the first one to abandon you in problems and emergencies.

•           Presence of honesty- A true friend is always loyal and honest to you. He will never tell lies to you. If he thinks that a truth is beneficial for you, then, he will tell even the bitterest and the most hurtful truths to you for your betterment. He will always tell you your mistakes unbiased so that you can correct your mistakes. On the other hand, a fake friend will always try to hide the truth from you.

•           Absence of jealousy- Whether you score higher grades, you have better looks, or a beautiful girlfriend, a true friend will never feel jealous of you, and will always stand by you. You can always count on your true friends while the fake friends will always develop a feeling of jealousy with you, and will try to create trouble for you so that you could not succeed.

•           Never competes with you- A true friend will not accept success at the cost of your friendship. He will always try to excel, but will never try to compete with you or outshine you. A true friend always tries to inspire you, motivate you and help you in every possible way to make you successful.

•           Always understands you- A true friend will always try to understand the reason behind your bad mood, and your anguish. Even if you say something bad to a true friend or show immense anger, he will try to make your mood better, and understand the cause of your behaviour. However, a fake friend will respond with retaliation and hatred or even terminate your friendship. With a true friend, you always feel good. He pleases you with immense level of affection and loyalty. He will always listen to you and try to understand what you are trying to say. He will sometime argue with you, but only for you betterment.

A true friendship is based on pure love and loyalty. Once you find yourself some true friends, you should always try to tell them that you care for them by sending good friendship sms and quotes, and never lose those gems.


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