What can women learn and gain from men

Most women ask this question as to why they can’t be like a man. Women are mostly portrayed as hypersensitive, illogical and clingy. However, it has been noticed that men do have a tough time to shake off several stubborn stereotypes, for instance, some refuse asking directions, not express their feelings, boast and swagger. However, their manly virtues are said to take them quite far in this world, and hence, women might learn something or the other from them.

The tough and silent kind

By studying men, women can learn a lot. Strong men are known for silence. They are not known for saying too much, but their mere presence in itself says a lot. They also dominate the scene, by being what they are and also serene about it. People who are silent when asked can come out with interesting things. Such people and their thoughts are respected by others.

The determination to win

Womenfolk are said to be much better at collaborating things. However, it is the men who understand teamwork. The men have been into team sports while growing up. They also learn to set common goals while working towards them together. This translates properly in the business world. People who have been successful are not always that bright, but know the ways to enclose themselves with better performing teams, and have their own way to delegate work.

Through team sports, men learn that getting angry during play is all right – a thing that every woman should understand and imbibe. Most of the times, the individual tends to worry more about an individual, instead of the entire team or about winning, which holds them down. Women have performed well in the individual sports, however, when it comes to team sports, they have always lagged.

Poker face

Men love to negotiate and are less frightened with it. However, women do have a tough time with this. Men are known to negotiate since most of their work demands it. In case, the woman is able to get emotionally attached to their kids and spouse and detached in negotiating, then, they did simply be perfect. Women can benefit in different situations through detachment.

Thick skinned

Men do not tend to take criticism personally, and this is something that women should learn from them, especially in work related and personal situations. Women feel that they are personally attacked upon by their boyfriend or husband, in case; they disagree in public with their opinion. When she assumes that he is being disloyal to her, he, on the other hand, might feel that, through debate, he is expressing his respect, camaraderie and intellectual engagement. Hence, women need to be more receptive in such situations.

Also, most men do not talk about their personal issues at work since it would make them weak in front of the others. But women, on the other hand, create closeness and forge work-relationships while discussing their personal problems, which does make them weak and lose to the others.

With proper love tips, it is possible for women to be like their male counterparts and face the world boldly.


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