Moving on after a Breakup

Everything that life offers happens for a reason. There is a lesson to be learnt from every event that occurs in our lives. Accepting our current flawed state of affairs is the key to do well in life and move on. Breakups are no different.

They say, “Love is like fire!” It's true. Love, like fire, is warm and nice. It lights up our lives with happiness and provides us the strength and reason to live. However, on the flip side, when love goes untamed, it destroys lives of people and leaves its burn-scars deep inside. The key to averting yourself from going down the lows of life and being destroyed after a love-breakup lies in finding the ways to move on with life and making it better and happier. Different people have different ways to do this. Some remember their ex's and write breakup quotes for him or her, while others prefer to sulk inside closed doors. The catch here is to identify what works for you – sulking, writing breakup quotes or doing something else.

Here are a few tips for you to get over this ordeal. You may find some of these tips strange, but nevertheless, they have always worked well in bailing out people from breakups:

  • Analyze the situation- Think why it happened and make a list of your shortcomings. An analysis helps us to overcome grief and accept things. It helps us making things better for the future. At this stage, it sometimes helps if you send text messages to your ex accepting your mistakes with the hopes of rekindling the relationship. However, love never works one-way; it has to come from both sides. One cannot force love.
  • Make a list of 'takeaways' from the relationship. Note down the good things that happened to you in the relationship, the things you learnt and the things that made you a better person.
  • If you have a knack for something, go ahead and pursue it full-time. That will keep you busy and you will enjoy doing it. For instance, if you love writing, write poems, stories or even motivational break quotes that would help others in the same situations.
  • Do not take refuge in stimulants. Drugs and alcohol are temporary solutions. They aggravate the situation instead of helping overcome them. Using them will pin you down instead of liberating you.
  • Try out new things. Go for some adventure sports or activities like scuba or sky-diving. Doing things you have never done before makes you feel new and will motivate you to start afresh.
  • Watch a lot of movies, eat out, go on long drives or just sit side-walks observing people. Keeping your mind occupied helps you get over your woes.

Remember, there are some people who are afraid of making mistakes in life. They don't believe in taking risks or committing blunders in life. These people always want to play safe. These people don't want to fail in love. They don't want to cry and wet their pillows or have a heart bleed. And for this, they have a simple solution – they don't fall in love. But, I would advise against it. Life is about companionship, friendship, love, making mistakes and learning.

The mantra is simple - “Make mistakes, mend mistakes and move on”.

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