Vent Your Emotions This Rose Day with Variant Hues !

There is something uniquely special about a rose. It makes your day and brings an instantaneous smile on the face. It etches a mark for celebration and love. And what better day could it be to celebrate your feelings than the ‘Rose Day.’ Roses express the feelings in a subtle way and the apt message is conveyed. After all, someone has rightly said that

‘A rose can express more feelings than words can ever express.’

Happy rose day messages can be easily expressed by selecting the right shade of rose. Yes, different colours have their own distinctive meaning, which speaks volumes for it and create an aura where silence is the ultimate tool. Hues have this very strong element that can vent out emotions in the most elegant and simplistic manner. So, let us find out the meaning of different rose colours: 

• Red Roses - Red is a symbol of love. Romance is intricately webbed in each of its petals. A bouquet of red flowers can brighten one’s day mesmerizing it with a feeling of love. It is said that the heart pumps blood and hence red colour symbolizes a feeling of being close to the heart. Be it a fresh start or just a way to rejuvenate your feeling of togetherness, gift a red rose and ignite the romance once again. 

• Yellow Roses - Yellow is the symbol of friendship. Rose day quotes for friends such as ‘A rose to strengthen our bond of friendship for years to come’ can be the best way to celebrate the beautiful relation of friendship. A single yellow rose can help you to revive your friendship with old friends or celebrate the everlasting bond of friends. 

• White Roses - White stands for the symbol of purity. A white rose can convey the feeling that one supports the other in all odds of life. White flowers are very blissful and a good way to show your support especially in situations wherein one is unable to convey the same by words. 

• Pink Roses - Pink roses are the most beautiful in the lot of roses and come in various shades. And, yes, each and every shade has a meaning attached to it. Dark pink roses symbolize gratitude and affection. A happy rose day quote like ‘My life would never have been the same without you stepping inside it’ along with a bunch of dark pink roses can make anyone’s day. A light pink rose essentially means attraction. So, if you have been attracted to someone for quite some time and are unable to express those feelings with butterflies in the stomach every time you see them, a light pink shade rose will do the work. 

• Orange Rose - Give wings to your passion with the help of orange roses. An ideal gift to represent ‘I am madly in love with you’ is through orange rose. 

• Lavender Rose - A perfect way to express the emotions of love, at first sight, is through the lavender rose. 

So, select your rose shade today and make this Rose Day a very special and memorable one.


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