7 Tips on how to attract a guy

The word Love, from my own perception is an affectionate feeling one has or develops for someone something. Discussing in an abstract manner, an experience felt by one for another is referred to as love. Research has it that identification with a person or thing and caring are often involved in love. Love is of two categories which are impersonal love and interpersonal love. Impersonal love refers to when a person loves an object, goal, or principle to which they are committed deeply and valued greatly. On the other hand, interpersonal love is said to be the love between two persons.

In every relationship, it is expected that the two persons or partners involved love each other, and share feelings and ideas together. It can be very demoralizing to find out that as a lady, the guy you are crushing on seems to be unaware of what you feel for him, or as a guy, you discover that the lady or woman you love or crushing on finds you less attractive to her.

When you feel for someone or love someone and the love is not reciprocated, it is called “unrequited love”. As a woman, it can be very difficult to date, especially in this epoch where it guys’ attentions are rarely won by ladies as a result of the unlimited access guys have to women via social sites like facebook, twitter, tinder and other dating sites.

On a second thought, do you know you can win a guy’s attention and heart by reading articles about love tips available and that offer best online love psychics?

Did I say you can win a guy’s attention? Yes, you can even be the dream girl for every dude that comes in contact with you, and it is very simple like running down through a stair case.

Here comes the good news! You can gain the attention of any guy you are crushing on by adhering to the few tips included in this article.

  1. Always look good

No guy in his right state of sanity will go for a girl who doesn’t look good or who looks shabbily or untidily. The presence of good clothes and use of appropriate make-ups unarguable tend to reinvent a lady’s look and appearance. Have you ever wondered why guys run after ladies that appear to be dazzling and endowed with moderate boobs and asses? I’m sorry to include that but that is the power of good looks. So ladies, dressing well plus a good look will definitely make your crush go crazy for you. That’s the first magic.

  1. Have a good smell

The second magic or you can call it trick to attracting a manis by possessing a nice and perhaps an enticing smell. Of a truth bad breath and body odour completely turns off a guy, leaving the girl to appear unattractive to her crush. It also gives the guy the belief that you know nothing about good hygiene and that is certainly a big blow to the girl. Always have time to get rid of body odour and bad breath. That’s the main purpose of using a perfume and some minty gums.

  1. Try to give good and cute facial expressions

Laughter seems to be one thing that is found wanting in girls. Most guys are attracted to ladies that smile and laugh a lot (in a moderate manner). A cute smile and an innocent laughter tend to be a strong weapon of winning a guy’s attention. No guy would want to be with a lady that frowns often or that is always mean; it is a sure way to turn off a guy and get him going after another lady.

  1. Be social, jovial and playful

Being jovial and playful is a sure way of getting guys running after you. Guys enjoy being with a lady who doesn’t take herself too seriously; this does not only attract guys, but it makes them comfortable.

  1. Try to be interesting

Guys easily get bored when they are forced to always keep the conversation going. Try to keep the conversation alive by bringing up interest topics and ideas, but you must not to be too curious or inquisitive in the conversation, else he will see you as one who wants to take undue advantage of his details. Engaging him in some guy talks such as video games or sports is a sure tip.

  1. Try to teach him something

A girl that can teach very well things that attract guys such as painting, tennis, or musical instrument appears to be more attractive to guys than those can’t teach any of those. One of the benefits of such quality apart from being attractive to the guy is that you and the guy will have new mutual interests and mutual activities. A guy will love to be with a girl that has lots of interests for the benefit of sharing ideas.

  1. Avoid congregating in crowds or having too much company of friends

This tip may appear irrelevant but it is necessary you adhere to it also. Most guys don’t get attracted to girls that congregate in crowds; they find approaching a lady who is in a company of three or more girls nerve-racking. If you are used to mingling with lots of friends, it’s high time you stopped it. Try to separate yourself; you can go sit somewhere with one girlfriend for a while or you can sit alone.

Strict adherence to these tips will definitely push guys’ attention towards you and also help you have a clear understanding of any guy that comes your way, but try to be sensitive, observant and wise enough to ascertain each guy’s mission in your life; some will surely be coming with wicked or harmful motives such as to bed you while others will be approaching with genuine and harmless intentions

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