The Valentine’s week begins with Rose Day on February 7th. Ever year Rose Day marks the beginning of celebrations for Valentine’ day. This day is enveloped with the fragrance of roses as they are presented to a lover, friend or relative.

The history of Valentine’s Day goes back as far as 3rd century AD. It marks the feast of St Valentine- the patron saint for lovers. It is observed worldwide on February 14th.

 Rose day is celebrated with exchange of roses and loving wishes. There are a few creative ideas on how to celebrate this Day of Love:

  • Roses: A rose is the traditional way of wishing someone on Rose day. Lavender roses are typical of first dates while white roses are meant for weddings. Pink roses are for admiration, yellow for friendship and orange for excitement. But it is the red rose that signifies love and beauty.  Rose day quotes are used to impress the loved one, and seven days later, red roses are presented to him or her, declaring your love.
  • Spend quality time: Set aside some time to spend with your loved one. Cook something special or go to a fancy restaurant which serves food that you both love. Spend a cozy time on the couch, curled up together watching movies.  You must take care to avoid distractions like cell phone calls, chatting with other people, surfing the net, or deciding to spend the day with another group of people.
  • Handmade card: Make a card on your own for a special person. Creating cards on your own will have much more value than buying from the store or sending e-cards. Create a description of the recipient in your own words. For more effect, you can create a poem for your loved one.
  • Sweet treats: Consider candies, sweets and chocolates. Gift sugary hearts with messages of love etched on them to impress anyone you care about. Another idea is to make chocolates or bake a cake with someone you love.
  • For singles: One does not need a partner to enjoy Rose Day. Coddle yourself with a day at the spa or a long bubble bath at home. Go on a long drive to enjoy scenic views. If the weather is unpleasant, stay indoors and watch a game of sport or a romantic movie on cable T.V.
  • Cook up a storm: Make a fancy candle light dinner at home. Send the kids to retire early and come to dinner all dressed up formally. You will remember this meal forever.
  • Pamper yourself: The two of you can book the day in the honeymoon suite of a five star hotel or a day at a couple spa.
  • Stay indoors: Order take-away, indulge in a tub of ice cream of a flavor you love, rent romantic movies and chill out on the couch.
  • Party: it might be ages since you attended a party. Visit a bar, get tickets to a gig or organize a Rose day BBQ for your friends.


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