Appreciating availing and responding love

According to a famous saying, ‘Love is not love until you give it away’. This saying holds true, especially, in relationships. It is very important for couples to understand each other, appreciate, and respond the love that is showered on them. This way, not only they get peace of mind, but also enjoy a strong bonding between themselves. Fighting with each other would only show their diminishing love for each other and for both of them to take out some time to ruminate on what has happened and what needs to be done to get back the love that they had shared once. As a matter of fact, love should come straight from the heart and be felt.

Doing small things to show love

It has been noticed that couples who love each other take out time to make sure that their spouse is given relief from some work or shown affection through their action. It could be that the husband has woken up early before his wife to get the dishwashers unloaded, or the wife begins to make breakfast before he has woken up. These seem to be trivial things, but the actions in them speak out loud. It shows the amount of respect and love, the couples have for each other.

Recognizing the love when it is showered upon

At times, it has been noticed that most couples tend to take the love showered upon them for granted. They get a feeling that it is routine, and nothing is special about it. It is very important to recognize the other’s feelings and actions and need to be reciprocated to show the understanding. Being appreciated, it’s the turn of the individual to appreciate the other, which in turn would help in strengthening the bond. In short, it means that love needs to be returned back so that it grows manifolds.

A functional relationship is more about taking and offering

This might sound too selfish, but it is regarded by experts as healthy. Love is all about receiving it and returning back in the way the other person likes it. The woman might love flowers, watching the opera or doing shopping while the man would like to enjoy himself with a ticket to the baseball match, a movie or a heartening meal, specially cooked for him. These warm feelings should be reciprocated so that it keeps the harmony alive in the relationship.

Love comes in different forms

It is not necessary that love should be shown by showering expensive gifts. There are millions of people, who might not afford such gifts, but words of love and other unique inexpensive gifts, like a flower, card, a small ring, or just about anything, are sure to win the hearts of the spouse. Indeed, one can think of every unique way, to keep each other happy and engaged.

Therefore, every couple across the globe, to have a better relationship, needs to work upon recognizing, receiving and reciprocating love. It is to be understood that ‘perfect marriages’ are not created in a day, but life can be smooth and happy if the couples know how to share their love and feeling with each other.

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