Eight reasons to know why men end wonderful relationships

It could sound astounding that a guy might end up a relationship that has been working perfectly. There are various reasons cited for a smooth running relationship to come to a sudden halt. But with some Relationship Quotes, it is possible to save such relationships.


1). He might feel that she requires more in relationship than what is already on offer. He could be feeling comfortable with the ways are going, while she might be interested to take to the next stage. She could plan to live together while he being comfortable in living at separate places. She could push for an engagement, or commitment, which he could not be ready.

2). He is still going out for dates with other women, or still keeps the door ajar for a better opportunity to strike. It could mean that he is still planning to find someone better.

3). He is not just ready for the magic ‘L’ word. He simply desires to ride on the companionship while she is open at showering love. He could enjoy her company and the existing relationship, but not ready to make her his wife at that point of time.

4). He enjoys his independence and friends. The guy might want to date occasionally since he enjoys his present freedom, space, and being with friends spending time more than with his girl. He is more afraid of losing his guy time and personal space. In case, he is discussing more on friends, then, there could be a possible breakup

5). He listens to his friends sharing with him their bad relationships. The existing relationship might simply end up just because some friends of his had been into a bad relationship, and this directly affects the guy, who feels that his girl might be the same. In case, friends complain about their girlfriends being psycho, and also, pester her man to know where he is at all times. Therefore, letting him to know that she will be not like this, and also, require personal space would help to relieve his fears.

6). He feels insecure on his future. It is through the work that men try to find their identity. With no job, they simply do not have an identity. In case, the guy is busy building his future, he could feel inadequate with her. Since he feels he cannot give her much, tends to get insecure.

7). He plans to settle down and think less of intimacy. He could feel that after marriage, the intimacy drive in them might be missing after some point of time, as others who have experienced discuss around.

8). He recently broke from a serious relationship and is not ready to get into it again. In case, the person just had a divorce or breakup in the relationship, he would not want to get serious in any new relationship and look for casual dating, without any commitment. He might take some time to come out of the situation for a new relationship to bloom and would not like to be pressurized into it.

It has been seen that many relationships that were going strong could just break at any point of time due to one reason or the other. Understanding the reasons in a better way, would actually help the women to handle the situation in her favor and have a better relationship and long term commitment. Communicating, clearly, can indeed help her to save from heartache later.

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