Feeling confident improves your love life

Hard times and disturbances are something that everyone witnesses in their lives. They may lead us to negativity, but bring out positive emotions from us. Difficult times help us to grow strong and face every hurdle in our paths with confidence and fortitude. But, unpleasant experiences in someone’s love life, may even change their views about love and place them in such high grounds of practicality, that they forget trusting people and believing in them.

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These experiences leave their mark in our lives and compel us to change the way we used to think. So, when the real person, who is ready to give us all the love, care and respect that we deserve, comes to our lives, we are unable to open up to them and give them a proper dignified place.

Taking inspiration from others

This is a very effectual way of breaking the boundaries we have created for us and walking out into the world with confidence. An abusive relationship, a divorce, or mental trauma lowers our self esteem and we began feeling cornered. At such a time, no matter how hard a person tries to convince you about the pleasant and brighter things of life, you do not at all feel enlightened. That is because, if we do not learn to be proud of ourselves and love ourselves, we cannot feel the beauty of people outside. It is only when one is complete from within that he/she is able to love others. There are thousands of people in the world, whose worlds had shattered to pieces in a single moment. They have faced ignominy, helplessness, oppression in their lives, but their positive and determination that helped them to become dignified people of the society today. Such people, for example, Oprah Winfrey and President Barrack Obama have become inspirations for many such men and women.

How to re-gain confidence in life?

The very first step that can help is building up one’s crumbled spirits, is to do what you do best. Anything that gives you happiness can also give you confidence. They can be anything from social service to cooking to teaching small children. To become a strong person at heart, it is very important to follow the path of truth. So, never hesitate to appreciate the good in people and never resist from pointing out their flaws. Be open to criticism and try to strengthen your weak areas. Also, hear and read inspirational quotes and SMS of people who inspire you. Be it a favorite politician, sportsperson, saint or even your aunt. Always try to be as you are. Maintain a certain dignity, self-esteem and elegance in whatever you do or say.

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Never blindly follow fashions or trends. Wear what you think suits you best and wear your poise and elegance. Never compromise on your principles or stoop to follow unfair means of achieving something. By maintaining your individuality, you would be able to create a special place of warmth and comfort among the people you meet. Once you become comfortable with yourself, others will feel the same for you.

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