How to Get Hugging on Hug Day

Hugs are a wonderful way of expressing affection. Hug day is celebrated on February 13th when world over people will hug each other and convey their love and affection. People also indulge in Hug Day shayari to entertain themselves.

There are different ways to hug the different people in our lives. Some tips on how to hug your loved ones on Hug Day and onwards are:

  • How to hug a crush: Approach a crush with care. Start with a smile and some words of love. Make sure he or she is expecting a hug or things might turn awkward if you take someone by surprise. Hugs often happen at occasions like graduation, birthday or when two persons are meeting after a long absence. But on Hug Day, you don’t need any other excuse. Lean forward, embrace your crush warmly with two arms, and put pressure on the person your hugging to get closer to you. If you are a boy, you must embrace her around the waist while her arms should be around your neck. Just maintain this pose for a few seconds and let go when she does. Maintain eye contact as you separate and continue with your conversation as naturally as possible.  A woman should embrace a man around his neck and press her chest lightly against his chest. You must let go as soon as he does.
  • How to hug a friend: Approach your friend. Present her with a genuine smile. Look woeful if she is hugging someone else, and you might get a hug also. Embrace your friend. Girls must close their eyes and imagine how much they love their friend. Avoid squishing your friend. Also avoid clapping the person you are hugging on the shoulders. Some girls believe that this shows your dislike towards them. But guys can embrace strongly and clap each other on the top of their shoulders. If you are in an emotional moment, skip the clapping and retain the embrace.
  • How to hug a lover: Go to your lover and put your arms around his or her shoulders. This gesture is romantic no matter who initiates the hug. Make eye contact with your lover and say the words, ‘I love you’. Hug your lover as long as you want. Men can slowly slide their hands from the shoulder and hold her around the waist. Place your head on her shoulders and keep her pressed on your chest as long as you like. You can also lift her off the ground and keep her pressed to you. When you separate, retain eye contact and smile genuinely.  Women can hold out their arms in his direction and wrap them around his shoulders or neck. Lean as much closely as possible, resting your body against his. Avoid holding your hands below his shoulders and hugging too tightly in spite of being  the same height.
  • How to hug family: Embrace your family member. It is Ok to talk while hugging. Press him or her towards you gently and hug as long as you want. Hug only when he or she is extending their arms as if expecting hug.
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