Look forward to having a good time grabbing someone attention?

Soo you want to have some harmless fun and dunno how to go about it/draw the line? Or have you been waiting for that cute guy/girl to notice you? Well as long as you are sure it is not going to get you in a mess, you’re good to go buddy. Besides, if you like someone, YOU JUST GODDAMN LIKE HIM OR HER! It’s not like you want to sleep with him/her! (Well…not now atleast! :P  I hope so! :D )

The youth today doesn’t think of flirting as something only desperately single people do. They think it is more of a tremendous physical exercise in interpersonal mindfulness.

As long as you know the stakes and the rules of the game, you are in for a whale of time. The ball-game however, is altogether different for the two genders in this case.

So gals, this one’s for you:

1. Nurture the tiger’s pride

 The way to a man's heart is through his pride (if you want to enjoy his attention :P) So make sure you boost the guy’s ego by asking him for help (not to the extent of you looking dumb! Duh!), and rewarding it with praises, generously. Guys love to know that they are wanted, more so NEEDED. However, choose your words wisely, for you want to please them and have them desire you, not get offended by you!

2. Body Language

Maintain a straight posture, but don’t look too uptight or conscious. Make sure you sit with your legs crossed or ankles if not.

3.  Make a ‘move’

If he says something funny or cracks a joke, lightly slap his hand with yours or give him a light punch.  A gentle tap on the shoulder should be fine if that’s not the first time you are talking to him at length. DO NOT lean or rub against him! It would only make him run away!

4. Trap him by being mysterious

Men, by nature like to ‘solve’ stuff. So if he sees that something interesting about her that he should/wants to know, he will find ways to do so; which will automatically get him hooked onto you.



5. Clothes?

Well the trick here is to dress just the apt way. The DONTs include skimpy fabrics, oodles of make-up, overdone hair-do, sucky fragrance, off-shoulder (during first few meets). The Dos include a matt-finish lipstick with a gloss (preferably of the same colour), kajal (not the smudged one), well-accessorized tunics, tops, or even kurtis (yes, indo-western kurtis donned with the right accessories look chic), a light floral or fruity fragrance and footwear that goes with your clothes. You can afford experiment with the footwear (e.g. try something flashy) as long it does not scream “LOOK AT ME”

6. Be yourself!

Trying to be someone else is not only going to make your guy go from you, but it is also going to make him lose respect for you. I mean after all what is the worst that can happen if you be yourself?!?! Lose the guy? May be he is not worth it. So, if you watch football just to be a part of his world; don’t! Instead take up some other sport you like and discuss that with the guy; find out the similarities and differences between the two sports; discuss about various players from both the games.  Having said that, make sure you like yourself because if you don’t know-one else will!

Your turn Guys:

1. Women like Men, not boys!

Yes, you will have to do all those sweet li’l things for her to get hold of her attention. It could mean picking her and dropping her back (may be on the same day), paying for her coffee, dinner etc, showering her with intelligent compliments (otherwise you are to look like a fool especially after doing the formers ‘deeds’)

2. More about complimenting her

Start with the eyes. It is the safest. Wit, hairdo, style can follow later; may be in the same order (not a hard and fast rule though). Pick up one-liners carefully. And mostly, don’t overdo. After a threshold, STOP complimenting otherwise it is only going to look fake. Resume complimenting after a break (LOL).

3. Hone your sense of humor

Girls instantly notice men who can brighten up the conversation/situation. This would send out signals to her, which would be interpreted by her as “hey, he seems to be fun to hang out with”.

4. Stay Clean!

Undoubtedly the most important because a cross here means a complete turn-off! So the next time you plan to meet her or know you would come across her, make sure your nails are cut (hands and, feet if you plan to wear flip-flops). Get a good hair-do. Apply hair gel/hair-cream if you must. Smell good (goes without saying). Women are 70% more likely to be attracted to men who smell good. If you don’t like to shave your chest, make sure you tame your li’l ones so as to not peep out of your shirt/t-shirt (very very very important!)

5. Talk to her friend

 It is this new and indirect way of flirting with a girl (especially someone pricey!). Start talking to her friend but keep looking at her. Give her a smile but for some time but don’t involve her in the conversation.


6. Behave in mature way

As stated before, girls like men not boys. So guys cracking jokes and being fun-loving is a must but at the same time you need to project how responsible you are. This could mean telling her about your savings/investments (if you are working) or how you participated in that inter-collegiate competition and bagged a prize (doesn’t matter even if it a consolation) or how stayed back at home for your parents/grandparents because they were unwell (obviously not when you were to meet her!)

All said and done, if there is still some awkwardness and you are not comfortable flirting, just sit back and relax. It does not mean there is something wrong with you. Give yourself some time. Indulge in things you like; talk to people around you, about your likes and dislikes (instead of going out of the way to get their attention). This will help you feel ‘sexy’ about yourself and gradually you will be able to take to flirting. So good-luck my “fun-loving friends”. Have a good time J!

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