Valentine’s Day is celebrated with fervor world wide as the day of love. On February 14th, every year people wish and send gifts to each other celebrating their love and affection. But the Valentine week begins with other romantic days like Propose day on February 8th.

Though Propose day is mainly meant as a day to propose to your girlfriend, yet here are a few innovative ideas on how to celebrate Propose day:

  1. Propose: If you want to pop the special question, do it on Propose day on February 8th. Send propose day SMS to your lover that sets the mood for an answer on V-day.
  2. Stay indoors: enjoy a dinner and a movie. Order take-way and curl up on the sofa to watch romantic movies that you have rented.
  3. Go out: Go out to a pub that serves great drinks or tasty burgers. Or you can go bowling. You may get the place all to yourself which adds to the romance.
  4. Serve drinks on a handmade tray:  Create a tray with a collage of all dear family photos. After serving drinks on it, you can put it up on a wall.
  5. Cook up a storm: Choose a menu that is totally new to you and both of you can enjoy cooking it together.
  6. Recordable card: Purchase a recordable card and upload on it either your favorite romantic tunes.
  7. Make personalized ice cream: Make your honey some personalized flavors of ice cream, and add some favorite treats like Oreos in soft ice cream. Put some fancy labels on the ice-cream bucket like ‘Charlie’s chocolate factory bombshell ’.

If you have saved up Propose Day as the day to propose to your girlfriend, here are some tips:

  • Don’t ask her: Even if your girl has some ideas in her head about how a proposal should be made, it is better not to ask her. Majority of women prefer the element of surprise in a proposal. The surprise factor is vital in making good proposal.
  • Choose a good location: Don’t spoil your proposal by asking at the wrong locations-a crowded restaurant or a sports stadium (in the middle of a game-nyet!). The top 3 places voted by women are the site of your first date, a local landmark or on holiday.
  • Do some research on the engagement ring: Dig around for info on the type of ring she likes: the carats and the design. Get indirect inputs from her or her friends and family.
  • Size doesn’t matter the most: No need to hunt for the biggest rock; a small and beautiful ring can work more magic than high carat and big stone rings.
  • Must be prepared: Don’t plan to propose without a ring. Also don’t plan to propose with a ‘temporary ring’. She needs to show others her ring soon after the proposal, and not explain to others that the real ring is on its way.
  • Ask her parent: Though it is an old fashioned routine, you can win her affection by asking her hand from her father and even her mother too.
  • Must say words: Every proposal must include the words: Will you marry me? There is no getting around that.
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