Major kissing blunders

When two people are in love and in courtship for some time, it is quite evident they might want to kiss each other and increase the bonding between them. However, it has been noticed that most kisses often are the major causes of a breakup in relationship. This is because the individual concerned does not know how to kiss or to reciprocate it. As a matter of fact, the two important keys towards getting a wonderful kiss are skill and chemistry. It might be possible that the individual does not have much control on the skills of kissing, but it is very much important to have the lip locking skills to perfection.

A study that has been conducted online in regards to relationship, sex and dating ideas have come out with the fact that a bad kiss has its own horror side. Hence, it is imperative for individuals to do a thorough research on the four major make out mistakes that they need to avoid for saving the date and having a long lasting courtship.

Being attacked

“The kiss needs to be gentle and soft, and not that of being mauled by any animal”.

The individual, in case of any doubt, should try to proceed with extreme caution. It would be better to start the process of kissing slowly and then let the momentum build up naturally. By making a forced and passionate lip lock could catch the partner off-guard. Hence, it is necessary to restrain oneself and instead of being similar to the overzealous puppy, the individual should pay proper attention to the signals sent out by the partner. Kissing is considered to be a team sport. In case, the partner is playing defensive, then, it is likely that the person is being too much aggressive. It is required to suppress the alpha urges and to let the partner in taking the lead.

gentle and soft - LoveWale

The Grandma Peck

“Not a single tongue is regarded worse. The kiss does not necessarily need to be sloppy and wet or chafe either.”

In case, the date is trying to reach for the Chapstick, thinking if there is a kiss, then it would be better getting back with some more enthusiasm. Tiny pecks and closed mouth have never in kissing history rocketed the receiver’s world. The kiss should actually engage the individual’s entire mouth, and not just with a tight pursed lip.

Bad breath

People having questionable breath are sure to make the partner to run away. Popping a mint could the right solution before the meeting. Brushing the teeth would be much better. In case, food is found in the mouth, it would be never a turn on.

Going off target

Slobbering all over the face and licking the cheeks and chin is sure to keep the other person away in the future. It is essential to keep in check the saliva and would be a complete turnoff. In such case, it would better to be cautious and careful while making the kiss. It would be better to send a kissing sms instead of kissing in person.

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