Making this Rose Day interesting and special

Irrespective of the fact that the individual presents a solitary red rose or in dozens, the message that is sent across is the same, which is full of passion and love.

Before going ahead with presenting the girlfriend with a red rose, it is important for the individual to know all about roses and the kinds of messages that it sends across so that the receiver can get the right message and appreciate the person giving it. Especially, with others around also receiving the same type of gift, it might be that the ‘red rose’ would not have that special meaning.

•           Thornless roses: Presenting a solitary thornless rose is considered to be a sort of love confession at first sight. However, presenting thornless roses bouquet stands for protectiveness and tenderness.

•           Rosebuds: They denote innocence, youth and beauty. Traditionally, the white rosebuds were presented to young girls on their very first ball since these are said to awaken their heart to be tender and in reciprocating love. The red rosebuds mean that a person is interested in courting the lady. Whereas, rosebuds having ivy/moss are considered to be love confession and promise for fidelity. Today, rosebuds are undoubtedly ideal to be presented on the first dates (pink/white) or to confess love to someone special (red).

•           Roses that are in full bloom: Couples, who are in relationships for long, can present each other with a solitary red rose in full bloom. This would mean they are still in love with each other, like they were before and would always love for ever. However, full bloom rose-bouquet would either be presented to say good-bye or to express gratitude.

Classifying the roses by its colors

•           Deep red rose: Stands for intense passion and love.

•           Red rose: Stands for “I Love You”.

•           Hibiscus Rose: It states that the receiver is as delicate and beautiful as a china/fairy doll.

•           Orange roses: It denotes that the person wants her very badly and it pains to be away from her.

•           Bridal roses: It says that her love fills his life with happiness completely.

•           Tea roses: This says that she always will be in his dreams and thoughts.

•           Pink roses: It can be meant either as a tenderness sign (like, I would not allow anything to hurt you), or simply a request for a second chance/forgiveness (Please give me time to explain/trust me). They also can be used to express new love.

•           Rosemary: It is a promise of fidelity and love, forever.

Roses that need to be avoided

•           Yellow roses: These roses traditionally tend to signify a reduction in jealousy or love. It also is used for expressing friendship. Better to avoid them.

•           Black roses: They are undoubtedly the most beautiful of all roses. However, they signify hatred and death.

•           Dark Crimson roses: This is used for mourning loss of love, ending a good time/ an affair.


Therefore, by knowing what type of rose is to be given, the individual can make the most of this day and earn love. At the same time, he can also present her with interesting and exciting Rose Day Quotes and Rose Day sms.

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