Valentine‘s day is marked all around the globe as a day celebrating love. The date is February 14th but tradition also has it that the seven days before Valentine’s Day are also meant to celebrate different aspects of love and romance.

The following days are dedicated to each aspect of love and romance:

7th February : Rose Day
 8th February : Propose Day
 9th February: Chocolate Day
 10th February : Teddy Day
11th February : Promise Day
12th February : Hug Day
13th February : Kiss Day
14th February : Valentine Day or Lover’s Day

On rose day, couples greet each other with red roses. On propose day,  a man may propose to the woman he loves. On chocolate day,  couples woo each other with gifts of luscious chocolates and chocolate day SMS. It is the exchange of teddy bears that expresses love on Teddy day. On promise day, couples can make promises of everlasting love to each other. On hug day, they can hug and on kiss day, kiss each other to cement their relationship. Finally there is Valentine ’s Day when some couples marry while married couples re-affirm their love for each other with gifts like jewelry, flowers, sweets, special dinner or outings.

Here are mentioned some nice ideas on how to express your love on Valentine’s Day:

  • Send your  sweetheart a short and sweet e-mail. Take care to send it to his personal account and not to his office account.
  • Organize a surprise trip: Surprise him by organizing  dinner in a restaurant that he likes, followed by tickets to a sports event or a concert.
  • Spend the day together riding a hot air balloon.
  • Buy him the gizmo: Buy him that gadget he has been craving for a long time.
  • Walk his dog:  Take his dog for an outing.
  • Stock the fridge with his favorite brand of beer and snacks that he loves.
  • Surprise him by delivering his favorite lunch at his office.
  • Go for a long drive together. This is a good way to rekindle your romance.
  • Give a back massage: This is a good way to revive a tired body.
  • Give a foot rub: To relax the body.
  •  Fill up: Remember to fill up the gas tank of his vehicle.
  • Allow him free time: Don’t nag him if he overspends time with his buddies.
  • Take a stroll: Go for  a late night stroll, hand-in-hand.
  • Join a class: To spend quality time together join for classes like Salsa, craft work or cooking.
  • Secret nicknames: Give each other private nick names.
  • Start on a hobby: Join a hobby class together like rock climbing, sculpture or golfing.
  • Be generous : Do a favor to his parents, sister or brother.
  • Allow him to choose the movie that you are going to watch together.
  • Make him a special dinner.
  • Do errands and chores without complaining.
  • Leave a  love note on the mirror of his bath room, so he spots it early in the morning.
  • Give his car a wash.
  • Romantic getaway: Plan a weekend getaway in a bed and breakfast.

These are some of ideas on how to spend and celebrate Valentine’ day!!!

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