Six new ideas for being better at Love

There is not a more beautiful feeling in the world than being in love. No matter how successful people are in their careers and lives, the ultimate thing they yearn for is pure and unconditional love from someone very special. This is the very reason why love stories and novels sell so much. Falling in love is a matter of luck. We can’t plan these things. But keeping that love going is well within our hands. It takes time to build a relationship, but a single moment to lose it all. That is surely the greatest loss. Thus, we will explore different love ideas on how a couple can keep their love fresh, young and growing.

Stop being selfish

There is no place for a single person in a love relationship. Love is complete when the minds and hearts of two people meet. So, one should completely give away the idea of thinking about himself/herself. Things should be for both and not for one. Sharing and caring do not hurt when love is strong.

Being understanding

Lack of understanding between two people has ruined many relationships. No matter how difficult your partner tends to be at times, try to understand him. Some space in a relationship is very important. No matter how much you are hurt or angry, try to reason out from the perspective of your partner. It will do well to the three of you- you, your partner and your relationship.

Expressing one’s feelings

It actually helps when you know that your partner is going through a tough time. Find little things to impress him and show him that no matter how difficult times are, you are always there to support him. Cooking his favorite dish, buying stuffs of daily necessity for him and love notes, can improve many relationships.

Ego should take a back seat

Fights should never be extended. The relationship is more important than your ego. So, no matter how grave the matter was, it is wise to be the first one to break the ice. Hug it out and finish it off as soon as possible.

Physical Intimacy

It is important in any love relationship. Open up to your partner and get into physical closeness. This connects the heart much more and rinses off all differences completely. Going with the impulse is necessary. Planning should not be done to arrange a proper slot for making love as it seems quite artificial.

Being completely honest

There is no harm in criticizing one’s flaws. If you do not like something about him and wish him to change that, straight away conveying is the best option. Resorting to lies and fake praises is really bad for a relationship, and lies always surface after sometime. Nagging and being over-bearing is really old school. Your partner is not a child, so there is no need to treat him like one.

A reason to be more responsible

Give everything in fact both your heart and soul to the relationship and should not expect anything in return. One should never have any demands from the others. If he/she really cares and loves, he/she will do things naturally. You must give him a reason to find solace within you.  Blind trust and support grow this way.

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