Some amazing truths of a hug spreading the love, happiness and health

A hug is the sweetest way to express affection and to get that warm, fuzzy feeling of being loved by someone. In fact, the whole day is dedicated to hugs – Hug day on 13th February, the second last day before Valentine’s Day in the Valentine week.

Get hugging on hug day with any of your loved ones. Hug therapy is recommended for your health and well being. According to research, hugging has beneficial effects of fighting loneliness, anxiety, depression, sickness and disease.

Pressing your hearts together in a hug has the following benefits:

A). Hugging creates a sense of trust and safety. Thus, it can help in open and empathetic communication. Exchange Hug day SMS to seal your love.

B). Hugging enhances oxytocin levels in an instant, which helps combat feelings of anger, isolation and loneliness.

C). A long hug can boost serotonin levels, which enhances feelings of happiness and pleasure.

D). Hugging strengthens human immunity against sickness and disease. The solar plexus chakra is activated by the emotions generated by the gentle pressure on the sternum during a hug. This stimulates the Thymus gland, which regulates the production of white blood cells- an important part of human immunity.

E). Hugging can enhance self esteem. From the time of birth, the feelings of touch helps build up our feelings of being loved and wanted. The Tactile sensations and our feelings of self worth are rooted in our adult nervous system. The cuddles from our parents remain entrenched at the cellular level, and hugs therefore connect us to our feelings of self love.

F). Hugging is a great method of relaxation. It helps release tension in the body. Hugs can heal pain; they soothe by improving circulation in the soft tissues.

G). Hugs regulate the nervous system. A change in skin conductance is observed in the galvanic response of skin of persons hugging each other.

H). Hugs teach us the value of sharing. Hugs help to practice the process of give and take. There is equal feeling of giving and receiving a hug. Love must flow both ways.

I). Hugs are akin to laughter and mediation: Hugs help us to let go and enjoy the flow of the moment. They help us to enjoy the energy of life. Hugs free you from circular thinking patterns and connect your heart, feelings and breath.

J). Research shows that a hug with a romantic partner can help combat stress and its harmful effects. Persons who had no contact with others had high blood pressure and heart rate. Hugging reduce stress hormone cortisol in women.

According to Virginia Satir, a renowned family therapist, “We need to give four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. W e need twelve hugs a day for growth”. Parents stop hugging their kids after they reach puberty. For adults, the amount of physical touch-hugging and cuddling declines with age. Much of our mistrust of expressing affection physically is learned behavior. The rigid personal boundary space we create in response only leads to later prevent our earnest desires to connect.

So this Hug Day, give up your inhibitions and start hugging.

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