Have you ever found into a situation that you are in love with your good friend? This situation gets complicated if your friend seems aloof and you want him or her to fall in love with you.

Here are some tips to get your friend to fall in love with you:

  • Work on your appearance: To get him or her to notice, you try and take care of your appearance and groom yourself well. Both men and women are impacted by the looks of their object of affection, especially to decide on whether to ask them out on a date. So keep your hair in place and take care of your skin, nails, and teeth.   Get your friend to be attracted by your appearance.
  • Love yourself as an individual: You must love yourself first before you can seek the love of another person. Good self esteem is reflected in the way you carry yourself, and is the best feature that attracts others.
  • Good interpersonal skills: If you have fine interpersonal skills, people are going to be naturally attracted to you. This is the skill of handling different types of people in different situations. Some interpersonal skills include making another person feel important, avoiding conflicts, being friendly, never criticizing, not being blunt (not hurt another person) and sparing thought on another person.
  • Good listening skills: Attract another person by lending your ear to whatever they are trying to express. Give full attention when your friend is talking to you. Make him or her feel special by your undivided attention.
  • Absence: While spending quality time together is good for a relationship, sometimes it is good to take time off from each other like spending time with other friends and family. You will notice that absence makes the heart grow fonder and your friend will certainly miss you.
  • Keep some intrigue: Especially if you are a woman, keep some aspects about you under wraps rather than share everything with your potential sweetheart. Most men love an air of mystery about their women.
  • Discuss problems: Instead of talking about boring issues, discuss what is happening in your lives. Figure out what issues are bothering your friend and encourage him or her to open out to you which is a good way to start your romance.
  • Be yourself: Do not pretend to be someone other than your natural self. No one can love you fully till they know your true self.
  • Sense of humor: Keep things lively and entertaining, whenever you meet each other. Watch the reaction of your friend when you crack a joke. If he or she does not enjoy your jokes, save them for some other time. But you can change the mood by some light flirting or friendship shayari.
  • Be a happy person:  All are attracted to a friendly, goofy person, who is always optimistic. Happy people are magnets for others. But take care not to overdo the happiness.
  • Don’t play games: In matters of romance, don’t play with the heart and feelings of your friend. Don’t lead on a friend, and then drop him or her like a hot potato.
  • Unconditional Love: Love him or her unconditionally. Love your beloved without asking or expect anything in return.  
  • Don’t push: Avoid exerting pressure on your friend to accept you as a lover. You will lose both romance and friendship. 

There are some tips shared to make your friend or lover feels special for you. Use these tips to let his/her heart melt like a chocolate and then be ready to fell in. But in the end, it’s all depends on you, how you deal with it. Remember, you are a Romeo in your own.


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