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Rose Day is celebrated on February 7th in the Valentine week leading up to Valentine’s Day-the day of love. Rose day is the day that roses are exchanged among people for various reasons, the most common being romantic love.

Red roses are presented to one’s lover as a profession of love and passion. Red roses are associated with Valentines’ day. True love is expressed by a gift of a dozen red roses. The tradition of gifting red roses has been with us since the Roman times. Gifting of rose bouquets became extremely popular in the Victorian era.

Especially in Western countries, red roses are part of Valentine week celebrations. Restaurants are decorated with roses. Businesses like retail shops also mount roses on their walls and ceilings. School students learn to create shapes of paper roses for school parties. Rose day SMS are exchanged by lovers.

Roses are tended with great care by gardeners. Roses have been cultivated from ancient times to the brilliant hybrid flowers these days. Some gardeners specialize in rose cultivation and have evolved it into a high art. In fact, the rose is England’s national flower.

Rose blooms are really special. The petals have a velvety sheen to it. A red rose is a symbol of the purest love and deepest admiration. There are other meanings for roses too.

  • Black roses: symbolize death and farewell
  • Orange and coral roses: mean desire
  • Lavender roses:  mean grace, gentleness, refinement and elegance. They are also called as blue roses.
  • Peach roses:  mean sociability and friendliness
  • Pink roses:  mean gratitude, appreciation and sympathy
  • White and red together: means unity
  • Red and yellow: mean joy, gaiety and happiness
  • Orange and yellow: mean enthusiasm, desire and passion
  • White and coral rose bunch: means you are heavenly and I want you
  • Yellow roses: mean Joy and Friendship. In Victorian times, they stood for jealousy. But today, they imply friendship. In Mexico, they are a sign of death and in France, a sign of infidelity.
  • White roses: mean reverence and humility. Also, stand for purity, innocence and secrecy. The Virgin Mary is associated with white roses. In America, they are a symbol of happiness and are used in weddings. In Scotland because they bloom in autumn, they stand for early marriage. In Wales, they are placed at the grave of a child. In Asia, they stand for death. In Vietnam, they are worn for mothers who have passed away.

There is a connection between roses and numbers:

  • One rose: means simplicity
  • Two roses: gratitude
  • Two roses joined together: Engagement
  • 12 roses: Declaration of love
  • 25 roses: Congratulations
  • 50 roses: unconditional love
  • Bouquet of mature blooms: Gratitude
  • Single rose in full bloom: I love you
  • Full bloom rose placed between two buds: secrecy
  • Half bloom rose: Timid love
  • Thorn less rose: Love at first sight
  • Rose leaf: Symbol of hope
  • Rose thorn: danger
  • Rose with a tuft of grass: Good company

 Roses and their position mean:

  • Bent to the right: I
  • Bent to the left: You
  • Accepted with right hand: Affirmative, Agreement
  • Accepted with left hand: Negative, disagreement
  • Worn over heart: Love
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