Different places to visit with your partner this New Year!

New Year’s Eve comes every year, but it is one of the most memorable festivities because the entire world celebrates it. This is that one day of the year which we all are awaiting for. If you don’t have any plans or ideas as to what you will be doing with your partner this New Year, then you should quickly go ahead and book your tickets for some of these diverse places. Avoid going to the same old places and go to a different destination. Make sure you plan this in secret and surprise your partner.

1. Rio De Janeiro – Rio is packed with carnivals during the year end celebrations. If you don’t want to go to a crowded beach, then you will find tons of secluded beaches in Rio to celebrate New Year’s. While you are booking the tickets, make sure you send happy new year shayari hindi love ones to your partner to give them sweet hints.

2. Hong Kong – Most us would go to places like New York, London, etc. to ring in the New Year, but this year, head over to Hong Kong. The dramatic skyline lights up every year and the view is drop dead gorgeous plus they also have a display of fireworks, which is a dragon dancing in the sky. There are several activities you can indulge in while in Hong Kong. So, don’t miss out on this adventure. Plus don’t forget to send happy new year shayari hindi love to your family members.

3. Bahamas –Bahamas might not be on your holiday list but trust us, it is worth the visit. Celebrate the upcoming year on the beautiful Island. The famous areas in Bahamas have a festival rejoicing the year end with music, songs, street performances and a lot of colourful things. If you love different and colourful places, then you must book your tickets for Bahamas right away. While you are enjoying your time in Bahamas, don’t forget to send sweet happy new year shayari hindi love ones to your friends and family.

4. New Orleans – Want to stay on a budget but still want to fly far away for the upcoming year party? Well, put New Orleans to your list. This wonderful city in Louisiana has some thrilling events during the day. There is a fireworks show at the Mississippi River, which is gorgeous to watch. They also have the Fleur De Lis drop at the Jackson Square. So what if you cannot make it to the Times Square ball drop? New Orleans has the similar tradition! 

5. Iceland – If you love the cold weather, then you must visit Iceland for few days during the New Year’s Eve. This stunning place in Europe is truly something to visit. It is quite a fairy tale if you view the pictures. Make sure you visit the capital city, Reykjavik when in Iceland. The entire city lights up and the cool weather is worth it. You will not regret your trip to Iceland at all!

So rejoice the upcoming year in one of these places!

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