Traditional ways how New Year is celebrated around the globe!

We all celebrate New Year on the 1st of January every year in a pretty similar way but there are certain different traditions that are followed by people from different countries and religions all around the world. We know how the Indian New Year is celebrated but do you know how different religions celebrate it? If not, then you must read this!

  1. New York – The oldest tradition and coolest one ever in Big Apple is the Ball Drop at Times Square. Thousands of people stand at the location to see this the big moment. There are also special multi course dinners prepared by the best chefs in the city which is complemented with a glass of champagne during the countdown. NYC is probably the best place to be at during the New Year’s Eve. Make sure you don’t miss out on sending happy new year shayari to your friends while you are a part of this cherished moment.
  2. The Chinese New Year – The Chinese New Year takes place during the late January or first week of February. This is one of the most vital celebrations in the country throughout the year. There are things like feasting, dragon dances, fireworks, glowing lanterns and so much gift exchanging all across the country. If you happen to be in China during the late January, then you will get to enjoy the New Year in their style. Make sure you send happy new year shayari to friends and family while you are travelling around places. You can find great happy new year shayari or quotes on the internet.
  3. The Jewish style of New Year – Not everyone celebrates New Year on December 31st. Even in India, different religions have different dates of New Year. Same goes for the Jewish community. Their New Year is known as Rosh Hashanah, and it is during the month of September. There is a two-day holiday and families get together for a meal. Apple dipped in honey is a common sweet prepared during this day.
  4. The Balinese style of New Year – New Year in the Island of Bali is spectacular. It is celebrated during the month of March. Most of the people have a 12-hour silence during the day and they meditate during this time. This is the perfect place to be if you want to relax and want some quietness around you. Many yoga camps and meditation places celebrate the Bali style New Year to help people focus on meditation more. This different and unique way is truly special. So head to Bali if you want a quiet time during the month of March.

If you are at home celebrating New Year with your family, then you can follow one of these traditions to bring a twist. You can pick few things from each celebration style and make it a family tradition. For example, you can add apple dipped in honey as one of the sweet during the event. Mix it up and celebrate New Year in a quirky way! But don’t forget to wish all your family and friends with happy new year shayari!

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