Breakup: Why it is tough to let go

It has been noticed that most romantic relationships tend to begin strong. There seems to be an instant physical attraction, including a heady feeling, which the individuals feel that are madly in love. With some progress, the individual finds himself/herself to get more confident about their newfound relationship and in their ability to love and to be loved. Very soon, they find that undoubtedly, they have found their perfect partner.

Why do breakups happen?

Most relationships do go through some issues and tend to break up until one meets their Mr/Ms Perfect. Such relationships are not meant to long last and would fall apart anytime ranging from a few months to years. However, if it is the man, who decides on the breakup, then it could be quite confusing and devastating for the woman. They would be desperate to understand what happened and try to find answers to it. They would go on to think about love and the time that they had shared together while assuming that it should be there. Even if they find that he is giving signs of a possible breakup, she still finds herself to be clinging with the old memories and romance that they shared in the past. The question is why to persist in disbelief and long for a relationship that is no longer there.

Reason for women to be obsessed even after a breakup

Several reputed brain specialists are said to have recognized that it possibly could be due to a biological reaction that takes place in the brains. The individual can get addicted to a particular state of mind, which would keep them in a specific ‘state of longing’ from the past. Even after the breakup, the individual can remember everything that took place in a positive frame. They tend to look at the past through a rose colored glass and focus on times when he appeared loving and good. This is considered to be a mental trap and keeps the individual stuck at the present along with broken dreams and a broken heart. Therefore, by yearning for the past, they would keep obsessing on the old relationship, for some time, which could be months or years.

Changing obsessive thoughts

With some good inspirational tips, it is possible for the individual to change their obsessive thoughts and forget the past. There are plenty of tips and inspirational quotes available easily on the web that would help them to become practical and burst out the bubble of the fantasies held by them and to understand that he was not that perfect for this relationship, nor is she.

Instead of dwelling on the love that is no more, the individual needs to move ahead and relieve themselves of the intense pain. It is better to stop thinking about the past, especially about him and his love that no longer exists.

She should not be in a delusion that she is still being loved by him. It is better accepting the changes that have taken place in his feelings, although he may not explain the reason for the breakup. By avoiding looking backwards, it would be suitable to look forward to having the future Mr. Right.

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