For we all live on the earth

Confused by the headline? Well, it’s my way of dealing with the concept ‘men are from Mars…’ you know the deal. Since perhaps the dawn of our kind, we have been thinking about emotions being expressed and not expressed, or not expressed well enough.  This has caused a lot of categorisation, debates and preferential treatment among men and women of various generations, inclination and of course characteristics. But I think, it’s time we take a serious look at the problem and decide for ourselves. Shall we?

  • The contradiction

The debate goes like this: are women more emotional than men? To support and bolster our agenda, we consult psychological surveys, anthropological research and political biases.  And yet, we are far from reaching a conclusion. It seems that we are seriously confused about how we answer the question: what is emotional love? Each of us, man or woman, has a private idea about it. And the lack of any uniform belief is causing the trouble.

  • The case of the smothering ladylove

 We are all too aware of the phenomenon. We are talking about the ones who love emotional quotes and sending them to their beloved ones at whatever time it suits them. Granted, they really feel the emotion and that’s why they share with others, but it surely gets on some others’ nerves.

  • The problem withpossessive hunk

Checking emails, call history and what not, the emotionally intense, possessive lovers express their affection in this overtly emotional love pattern. Its common knowledge how these piss us off. Yet, they have perfectly justified cause for doing what they do.

  • The phenomenon of ‘emotional neglect’

We have all read the amazing romantic poems by awesomely handsome poets. Yet, in real life, ladies complain of their men being emotionally ‘un-romantic’. What they really talk of is perhaps the lack of expression through words and flowers. It seems, candle-lit dinners and romantic beach holidays happen in romance books only.

Conversely, it is common knowledge how easy it is to ‘hurt’ a man’s feelings with small steps, albeit unintentional. Any self-respecting lady would vouch for the fact that keeping her man unhurt and yet loved is a fine art and a matter of great practice.

So, what’s really the reason of this conundrum of emotional quotient? Everyone, men and women alike seems to have experienced being emotionally neglected, being smothering, being aloof and also being the victim pf possessive shackles. The problem then, I think lies elsewhere, the real trouble is what we suppose as emotionally balanced approach.

What we call emotions are basically chemical reactions happening in our brain as we go about interacting with the world. Different situations have different impact upon our wellbeing. The diversity and what we have had experienced in the past shape our emotional stability. And as no two of us has been living the same life, we all have different emotional quotients.

The trick of handling this is to understand when and to who do we send the emotional love SMS or emotional love poems and letters, who would react emotionally to what situation etc. Man and woman both are living on earth, so they both need to understand the other emotionally well.

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