Forgiving your lover in 5 easy steps

There are times, when an individual is hurt by his/her lover, and this is something that is highly unexpected. This is a situation that does arise in the life of an individual at some time or the other, and it is important to fight the mind and to forgive the person who is being loved the most. At times, it is the heart that actually overtakes the mind since the thought of being apart from the special one is sure to rip the person apart. In such cases, the individuals do feel their sinking, since, the words or actions of their lover hurt them, but still they would like to forget their pain and forgive. Though this would be a bit tough, with five easy steps, it is very much possible to restore the elements back to normalcy and enjoy happiness and peace.

1. Not heeding to Ego

Since, no one is perfect, there is a high probability for everyone to make mistakes. Though they are guilty of having committed one, the partner needs to be generous and accommodate the apology offered and forgive. Letting the ego set in would only lead in decaying of the relationship. Hence, preference should be always given to the heart and not the mind.

2. Discussing over it

This is more of a mature way to sort out the issues and to let know how much the individual is hurt by the words or actions of the partner. Rather than fighting over the issues and increasing the distance, it would be better discuss with each other and identify the areas that need improvement and those to be avoided in the future. Therefore, it is essential for couples to find enough time and an appropriate place, where they can discuss the things at length.

3. Frequency

It is important to note the number of times, the partner is saying sorry. Both of them need to realize that they can hurt the feelings of one another by their mistakes. Every possible effort needs to be taken to stop the mistakes from occurring and even if it does, then, it has to be sorted either in a casual manner or through professional help.

4. Being positive

It is very important for everyone to think positive. By granting forgiveness to the lover, one can expect that the mistakes committed would not take place again. It would be better to be an optimist and lead a better and healthy relationship.

5. Listening carefully

If the person has got hurt and is being offered an apology by his or her partner, it is necessary for the individual to listen and understand what went wrong. The emotions and body language of the partner while seeking apology itself would speak of the person’s intentions and whether the apology offered is genuine or not. The apology needs to carry huge meaning and be heartfelt.

This way, the individual can definitely forgive his/her partner in case any mistake is committed and help them to rectify it by forgiving and showing affection as they had always done in the past.

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