Guys - What do you like in Girls Physically

Women always keep on finding ways that can make them look more appealing to the male eye. And when it comes to choosing a woman, men all across the globe have different tastes and preferences. Some men like curvy women while some adore perfectly figured ones. Although, there is no specific criterion that can tell what attracts men to women, there are certain physical features usually all guys like in a girl. Here are they:

  • Small Waistline: A small waist defines a woman’s body shape and makes it look symmetrical. So, most guys prefer girls with flat stomach. Such girls are also able to carry every dress brilliantly!

  •  High Pitched Voice: Research shows that women with a high-pitched voice are considered to be more attractive to men. Scientists even claim that a high pitched voice is perceived as feminine and youthful by most men.

  • Long, Shiny Hair: Guys like long, luscious and shiny locks in girls. According to scientists, healthy and beautiful hair will reel in a man’s attention. Whether it’s the result of good nutrition, great genetics or amazing hair products, healthy locks imply that women have a healthy body.

  • A Cute Smile: A smile can effortlessly win over a man’s heart. Studies reveal that girls who smile more often are seen as more attractive to guys. Not only smiling more, but a beautiful, whiter smile makes women look more approachable and friendly.

  • Less Makeup: Many girls think that through layers of eye shadow, heavy mascara and bold lips, they can attract men easily. But the reality is other way round! Men prefer women with the natural look. According to them, beauty lies in simplicity!

  • Long Legs: With skirts getting shorter and heels getting higher, a woman who flaunts her long legs is always on every guy’s most wanted list.

  • Beautiful Eyes: Eyes are another physical feature that guys get attracted to. There are many men who can simply fall in love with a woman’s eyes. A girl’s eyes can tell a lot and this is very true when it comes to attracting men.

  • Natural-Looking Eyebrows: Natural-looking and well-maintained eyebrows are definitely a plus when it comes to attracting men. Well, that doesn’t mean that a woman’s eyebrows have to be pencil thin. Symmetrical and natural looking is way more eye-catching than pencil thin as the latter one can make a face look artificial!

  • Luscious Lips: Men crave for women who have luscious lips. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a girl with amazing kissable lips?

  • A Cute Nose: A nose defines one’s face and a woman with a nose that suits her face can be highly attractive to men.

  • Fair Complexion: Most guys tend to go for girls who are fair in complexion or at least those with moderate one. Chances are extremely less that you will find men choosing women with darker complexion.   

  • Proportionate and shapely bum: Most men believe that big hips are out of season. A bum that suits a woman’s body proportions is in!

So, these are some of the physical traits that guys like in girls. But again, every.


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