How long can a person be just a beneficial friend

Relationships are sometimes quite confusing, especially, when some people are simply not ready to get into long term relationships. It is a known fact that there are several people who make benefits in their relationships. But, the question is, how long would such a kind of relationship work, especially where the end motive is just benefit, and not long term commitment. In the practical sense, how long would two people continue a relationship, which is defined loosely by occasional or frequent casual sex? It is noticed that after three months of casual sex, the relationship turns into a casual dating. Here, both the partners engage themselves in flirting with each other and preempt with movie and dinner. But after a period of six months, the relationship becomes a bit confusing as the partners can find themselves to be in a girlfriend / boyfriend relationship. However, this is not what the couples had intended at the beginning of the relationship, which was just to benefit each other.

To continue or to stop the relationship

This is a question that is asked by most couples who are having a relationship that was started to gain benefit from one another. It entirely depends on the wishes of the partners involved. Most of the time, the woman would like to be in a girlfriend / boyfriend relationship, but the guy might do everything that would be required by him to stay out of such a relationship. He could give in, incase, he becomes too much dependant on her as a beneficial friend. If the woman tends to sense this dependency, then she could start to demand extra structure in the relationship. It is, at this point, that the man needs to take a strong decision of either going along with the relationship or jumping out of the relationship. It has been noticed that most men are more than inclined to carry on with the relationship as after enjoying six months and more of great mutual benefit, he is unlikely to give it up.

Applying the three month rule

Men, for avoiding into getting such a situation, can refer to apply the three month rule in their relationship. It is necessary to emphasize on what the relationship has given the person for the last three months. Also, he needs to understand if the woman that he has been with all these three months is fit to be his girlfriend. If his heart says ‘yes’, he can, then, be proactive enough to ask her to have it as an official one, by offering her with love quotes. But, if the answer is ‘no’, then it is necessary to cut off the relationship instantly in a proper way so that the woman is not hurt. The same advice also goes to women if they are in such a situation.

It is a well known fact that such a friendship having beneficial situation does not last forever. Therefore, it is important for both of them to be smart and wise in their decision, and to cut it short so that they do not need to turn into something much more.

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