How to Make Your Proposal Day Special And Amazing

Proposing for a marriage can be hard. But it becomes even harder when you need to buy an expensive engagement ring for your sweetheart. Many men and women talk about spending the hundreds of dollars into their proposal. Some of the expensive proposals pay off, but others simply go in vain. So what makes a good proposal? A good proposal is more than just a nice dinner and stay at the hotel. You can add various ideas into your proposal and make it work. Below are the few things that you can try to accomplish a good proposal.

1. Create a proposal idea that is personal and unique between you and your partner. Think about the special things you both have in common. Also, choose a place that is loved by your partner and comfortable to you for sharing common interests.

2. Somehow, gravitate towards past memories and create ideas upon them. You both must be having some happy memories and some sort of chemistry between you two. So, why not include this into the proposal? Revisiting memories of the past gives your partner a chance to pick out memorable moments in your relationship. One big climax that can build up all the lovely emotions and happy memory can create a great atmosphere for hearing a “yes” from your woman or man.

3. Try to arrange a set up for your proposal that will be remembered in your relationship. The proposal must bring back all the good memories and provide something that you can take away after your proposal. In future, you can possibly brag about it and experience the thrill in the relationship.

4. Do not arrange something that is uncomfortable to you. Be sure that you can give your full presence to her or him during the proposal. Also, your partner should be comfortable with the atmosphere in the place of the proposal. If your partner doesn’t like big crowds, don’t be open about your proposal as it can be embarrassing to her. On the other hand, if she or he is a crazy type, then go for wild unrealistic proposal ideas! For passionate ones, you need to try adding that touch into it. When you are confused about her type, which you shouldn’t be, but if you are, then include everything for the big event.

5. Proposal can be more than one event. It can be spending time with your partner for the entire day. You can simply start by sending a proposal day sms, and then invite to spend the whole day with your partner. Sometimes people even take entire weeks to finally propose and get accepted. This is how you can cover all your ideas and arrange a big proposal plan. 

6. Try to pick out few habits or clues about her or him that you learned while you spent time together. For instance, if she loves listening to some song, then why not play the music in the background or hire a musician who can play it on the flute or guitar?  It’s easy to pull this off and make a big impact in your proposal. You will be an amazing person if you properly do this to her.

7. Big surprises always pay off! Buy a beautiful diamond ring and keep it as a complete secret. You need to shock her by presenting it while you are proposing. 

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