How to deal with the habitual problems of your partner?

Dating and being in a relationship are completely different things. It is always nice to date a person for a longer period, before taking the final decision of whether you are, or you are not in love with him. Love is about fate and destiny. It is a popular saying that people in love; avoid the mistakes of their partners. But, the question is for how long?

Relationship troubles related to incompatibility

You and your partner are two different entities. So, though you might be sharing a lot in common, there would be certain areas where your ideas and principles do not match. It is easy to deal with such problems as both of you would be minding your own business. But, what if the problems are related to traits, habits and features? As we grow close to a person, we become aware of their not-so-perfect areas, which trouble us psychologically. No matter how loving or understanding your partner is, there would be some certain issues with him, which you just can’t afford to ignore. It can be minor issues like loud snoring at night, bathing only thrice a week in winter, making noise while eating, carelessness with important documents, and over-working, borrowing money often or extravagant expenses. You cannot change a person over-night if he is practicing these things for over 25 years.

How to deal with them?

Love problems can be solved by agony aunts. But, problems related to your partner that is affecting the relationship, must be sorted out among yourselves. In the first place, it is very importance to be clear in the head. After sorting out each other’s problems, you should decide to work on it or simply walk out of the relationship. It is always enhance to work on a relationship because even you are not perfect. Perhaps he is adjusting with some of your habits, which he detests. So, ensure that habits are not detrimental to health and hygiene. It is only to do things together and try adjusting with him. If he is crazy about a pop star, try to dance with him or sing along. If it feels unbearable, do something else that keeps you engaged. Put ear plugs in your ears if he snores at night. But if he is into drugs, alcohol or befriending other girls, then, give him warnings or remind the wedding vows for a little more effect.

How do you know you want to walk out?

If that one or tenth problem about him is so disturbing that you can’t help to be aware of it, then walking out is the only way. If you are one making all the adjustments and he is behaving like a total jerk, do not expect him to change for the better. Love can only blossom, when both people are willing to take charge of it. So date for a longer time till you are assured that you will be able to deal with his habits, rather than stay away from him, or vice-versa.

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