How to keep a long distance relationship going?

It is difficult to make long distance relationships work even today, when the distances between landmasses have got narrowed due to technology. But, if you are so much in love and wish to hold on to your partner, then, you should also know the ways to make the relationship work if you both are staying afar. Distances can give you thousands of reason to break-up with your partner, but if you are smart enough, maintaining such a relationship, will not be a problem. Distance love quotes can be helpful here.

Set your priorities right

Before getting hooked to a person, make sure that you are completely at ease with where he would be relocating. You should ask yourself, whether you want to carry on with it or not. Decisions should be made beforehand and not after getting started with the relationship. Problems will not be far if you are unsure. Make sure that you and your partner have that level of understanding and maturity within you.

Doing certain things together

Once the two of you are afar, make sure that you do at least one thing together in a day. Be it going out with friends at the same hour, or watching a cricket match on TV at the same time, or having a meal at the same time. This will give you a lot of common discussion to do and lot of things to share. Distances will not come into the relationship as you will be sharing your little things with the person, who is even 1000 kilometers away.

Talking at least once everyday

Chatting over the internet or video calling or simply audio calling, at least once in the day, can make a lot of difference. Whether it is in the beginning of the day or before sleeping at night, talk for at least half an hour so that the person may be far physically, but she is always informed about the activities of your life. Moreover, make sure that you send daily love quotes to your partner so that she may feel wanted. If calling is expensive, then at least, send email every day.

Remember particular dates

Anniversary dates, like the first meeting, birthday etc, should not be forgotten. These dates will keep you from infidelity. You will never think of a passing relationship with another girl if you constantly remember the dates to wish your sweetheart. Appear on her doorstep suddenly at her birthday and surprise her. She will fall in love again with you if you cross the seas to meet her only for a day.

Use the time in a productive way

Try learning to be a little independent during this phase. In the absence of you wife, try your hand at cooking or gardening. This will keep you busy, and in the future when you meet her, she will get to see a loving husband who can even cook for her! Girls should learn to do some of the mending works so that while her hubby is away, she will not require calling a stranger to mend the electrical board or the fence.

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