All relationships got through highs and lows, but there comes a time when a particular relationship has soured beyond redemption. When you reach this point, it is often better to let go rather than to cling on.

Check some tips on how to let go of a failed relationship:

  • Let your emotions loose: Have good cry and share your feelings and frustrations regarding the failed relationship with friends or family. Send a relationship sms to your ex, ending the relationship.
  • Don’t cling on:  The worst thing to do when a relationship has gone wrong is to fight the situation and dig in your heels. You will end up feeling miserable and treat your partner unfairly. It is better to accept the separation and understand you are doing the right thing.
  • Steer clear of guilt: Guilt, remorse, and rejection are a deadly cocktail to be felt in a failed relationship. Dumping a jerk or a cheater is easy, but breaking up with an innocent person leaves you writhing in guilt. The key fact to remember is that don’t believe yourself as a bad being if you fall out of love with a person. It merely means that there has been a change in your feelings, which is totally natural.
  • Honesty: When there is a waning of love between partners, most of us assumes that it is a phase. Sometimes this might be true, but chances are that it is time to end your relationship if there has been persistence of negative feelings. The vital thing is being honest with oneself and act on that basis.
  • Plan ahead: Even as you let go, focus on the future. Imagine how good life will be starting afresh without your ex.  Ending a relationship which is not working will only bode well, and you can embrace your new future with optimism.
  • Cut ties with your ex: Stick to a no-contact rule. Insist on limited contact if you have just broken up and filed for divorce. When you meet, be polite, be succinct and be gone. The key is that you need to build a new life without your ex figuring in it.
  • Remind yourself: Whenever you feel the urge to rekindle the relationship, keep ready a list of ten reasons why your relationship failed previously, and you will be liberated of the urge to get back with your partner.
  • Refresh your life: Rearrange your lifestyle to forget the past and start anew. Get fresh pillows, sheets, potted plants, and paint your living room with a new color.
  • Start moving with your life: Instead of longing over the past, use the time to better yourself. Indulge in a new hobby or let your creative juices flowing with painting or craft making. Arrange a vacation with other friends and have a blast. After some time that you need to adjust, get back to meeting new people and be open to dating again.
  • Blank out social media: Cut out the urge to keep track of your ex and his love life on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Unfriend his name from your account.

Author’s bio: She is associated with Lovewale.com. She contributes articles on dating and marriage. She has experience in family counseling for a decade, having qualifications in Psychology.

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