Remembering Friends, Rejoicing Friendship!

Genuine friendship among two individuals cannot be ascertained unless it is tried well and its fabric is tested completely. One cannot be sure of a true friendship unless the qualities and convictions are adjusted, and how people stand up for each other. This is also regardless of the fact that all people are different and never have different choices in life. Actually, true friendship does not only need that there would be common likes; it means that people compliment each others' interests. Great companions are somewhat like your mirror images. They are your soul mates! They would go to any extent to support whatever you set off to do. Further, genuine friends will always support you even if the outcome of your pursuit is negative. Genuine companions generally concur to whatever goes on in life between them. Essentially, good and bad are taken in the stride! 

Genuine friendship develops after some time, yet it can develop anytime, as well. I may have made a genuine companion simply a week ago. I trust so. And by now I have already started missing the person. In these times, I normally resort to teri yaad shayari. These are basically compositions, which celebrate remembrance. Over the years, I have had a good yaad shayari collection in my possession.

My actual companions have astonished me, by remaining by me when I thought beyond any doubt they would (and likely ought to) have surrendered me, and by being there when I didn't even know how seriously I required them. Some have looked for my guidance - by imagining not knowing me at the restaurant where they were gathering a date shockingly, so I could give a feeling of their communication. I thought they ought to get hitched, and they did.

Genuine companions show valor, and empathy, and obviously, euphoria. They motivate me. Some are great cooks while others are good singers. No matter what profession your friend may belong, one needs to know their friendship, and comprehend their vulnerabilities and limits, few that they may be. Some have remarkable design sense and also will let us know while something is not exactly right. Others are great on story, cash or wellbeing. Each has got their something. Furthermore, one has the most amazing, astounding giggle that leaves this ravishing splendid lady laugh. Genuine companions have novel qualities that you perceive and esteem.

Some of our best minutes with our friends have been the times when we have hollered at one another from a distance! This is because we are truly amazed each time we see our friends. These are the friends we tend to lament and miss. This reminds me of my university days when I used to compose poetry for my friends. These used to be yaad shayari in hindi and yaad shayari urdu, as I was comfortable in both the languages. Those were fun days and the ones that are would be cherished forever.

Every genuine friendship has remarkable qualities and components. It is measured in the touchstones of trust, sacrifice and love. Though living up to the standards is difficult, the rewards are truly blissful.

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