Things you did not know about Raksha Bandan

Rakhi or Raksha Bandan is a religious and traditional festival celebrated in India which portrays the love and affection between a sister and a brother. The sister prays for her brother’s protection and happiness while the brother promises he will safeguard the sister throughout his life. The festival is rejoiced during the Shravan Poornima as per the Hindu calendar and this year, it is on 29th August.

Since it is Raksha Bandan month, did you know where this custom came from? There are many stories in the mythology about it and here are some stories you did not know…

  • It is said that in the ancient times, there was a huge war between Gods and Demons; Lord Indra was humiliated by demons. During that time, Lord Indra’s wife, Indrani tied a piece of thread around his wrist which she had received from Lord Vishnu. She tied this thread to protect him from the demons. And it did the magic. But over the years, this tradition shifted from husbands to brothers. And since Indrani tied a Rakhi to Lord Indra on the day of Shravan Purnima, the festival of Raksha Bandan is celebrated on Shravan Purnima every year.
  • The second story is about Lord Krishna. One day, Lord Krishna was flying a kite and he got a cut on his finger. That very moment, Draupadi tore a tiny piece of her saari and tied it on Lord Krishna`s bleeding finger. Lord Krishna appreciated this gesture and in return promised to protect Draupadi from the evil. And like we know, it was Lord Krishna who saved Draupadi from the Cheer Haran by multiplying her saari infinitely.
  • One of the other stories is – when Alexander, the Great conquered India, his wife Roxana had sent a Rakhi to the Katoch King, Porus. When he received this sacred thread, he made a promise to Roxana to protect her and her husband. And when he was going to kill Alexander during the war in the battlefield, he stopped himself from his action when he saw the Rakhi on his wrist.

Other than mythological stories, Raksha Bandan has various names. In different regions of the country, there are different names given to this festival. In the western region of India, Raksha Bandan is known as Nariyal Purnima. In the southern region of India, it is popularly called as Avani Avittam and Upakarmam. In the central part of India, it is called as Kajari Purnima and in some other areas, it is known as Rakhi Purnima. But these days, most of the people call it Raksha Bandan.

During the celebration, the sister does puja of her brother, puts a tikka on his head, ties him the Rakhi and feeds him some sweet. In return, the brother gives a lovely gift to his sister and promises her that he will protect her lifelong.

Those who reside miles away from their brothers and sisters send Rakhi’s by post and the ones who fail to do so usually take the perks of technology and send heartfelt Rakhsa Bandan SMS, Raksha Bandan pictures or else Raksha Bandan shayari to express their affection.

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