Different ways to propose the sweetheart

Three words are said to work like magic and can bring any couple closer to each other. These words are “I Love You”. Almost every man on earth while proposing to his girlfriend about his love expresses these words. It gives him immense courage and is considered to be a pure moment, and hence, is an experience of a lifetime that can be cherished by both ever after.

Proposing – Not a new phenomenon

History is evident that proposing in etiquette and style, dates back to Classical Age. One can easily remember the likes of Juliet and Romeo, Prince Charming and Cinderella, Pretty Woman scenes, Gone with the Wind, Runaway Bride, When Harry met Sally, and plenty of love stories that have inspired millions of youths across the globe. This is why it has become more of a challenge for the person to make this wonderful day into something special and really unforgettable. But, with a few tips, it is probable to propose to the sweetheart in the way, she or he has been dreaming about.

•           In case, the individual does not feel like being rejected, then, it would be brave enough on his part to propose soon before it gets too late. He should not stammer, hesitate, but have immense confidence while approaching her. It should be remembered that women do not appreciate foolish behaviors or childish activities, especially during serious conversations like this.

•           It would be better to understand her mind properly. He should dig out if she would like a natural gesture or Cinderella’s story. Some girls prefer simple things. It is possible to walk along and propose in a sweet way. One can also propose standing on his knees and holding up the hands while making the announcement extravagantly. He should know what his girlfriend would really like.

•           In case, the woman is of sporty type, then, he can propose her at some place that she is sure to love and appreciate. It can be on a rock climbing trip that is from a mountain height, scuba diving or parachute jump or anywhere else. Care needs to be seen about the situation so that the proposal is not overturned.

•           Another interesting way is to write a love letter that is filled with beautiful handwriting adding perfume to it. This will make her appreciate the letter and the fragrance would remain in her senses for a long time. Even now love greeting cards filled up with propose day quotes or by sending propose day sms also work out well.

•           Some people like traditional ways of being proposed like gifting a beautiful diamond ring, placing it inside a glass or cup from which she is drinking liquor or soft drinks. Most of the time, such typical strands do work much better than anything else. Moreover, red roses, accompanied with a violin’s overtone can be a great idea.

With the above five tips, it is possible for the person to propose to her and earn her respect and love for a lifetime.

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