February 8th is celebrated as Propose day in Valentine’s week ahead of Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect chance if you have fallen deeply in love with someone and want to propose marriage to her.

Proposing can be accompanied with red roses, champagne, chocolate, and the engagement ring. While these things are traditional, there are zillions of ways for presenting your proposal. Here are some creative ideas:

  • Go dramatic: Get in touch with the stage manager of a romantic production and get them to present the proposal soon after the curtain call of the cast.
  • Go public: Present your proposal in a full page advertisement in the newspaper she reads regularly.
  • A treasure hunt: Send your girl all over town with hidden clues that finally lead to you on a bended knee.
  • Dancing: Go out dancing and ask the DJ to pass you the mike so that you can dedicate a song to her and make your proposal. Indulge in some propose day shayari.
  • On flight: If you are flying anywhere, collude with the flight attendants and use the loud speaker to make your proposal at several thousand feet in the sky.
  • Movie crazy:  Get a local theatre to run an ad featuring your proposal and ensure you bring her early enough to catch the previews.
  • Replace rings: Replace her everyday wear ring with the engagement ring at night so she gets a surprise on Propose day morning.
  • Book fun: Tuck a love note including your proposal into the book she is reading now and surprise her with a ring after she reads the note.
  • Light game: Turn off the lights at home and lead her by a trail of candles to the box containing your ring where you can make your proposal.
  • Morning treat: Slip the ring on her finger after she falls asleep and wake her on propose day with strawberries, champagne and of course, your proposal.
  • Gadget magic: Make a pod cast of your proposal and slip it into her iPod.
  • Go online: Upload your proposal on YouTube and invite her to check out a new video.
  • More online tricks: Make a webpage dedicated to your love story including your proposal. Don’t say a word to her but give her the webpage address on any pretext. If she accepts the proposal, both of you can send the webpage to friends and family.
  • Go live: Prepare to live stream the proposal from whichever location to help friends and family be a part of the proposal.
  • Dessert surprise: Include your ring box as a part of the desserts on offer at your favorite restaurant.
  • Hamper magic: Create a food hamper with gourmet goodies and hide your ring box inside. Propose when she finds the ring.
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