How to drive men crazy?

What is next once you found your man? There is no doubt you will be thinking about excellent ways to drive a man crazy.  Driving the boyfriend crazy is the most interesting and guaranteed way to add fun and thrill to the relationship. It makes the relationship sexy and dynamic. What you really search for is the ways that make him want you more. Even though crazy love quotes help a lot, there are some other tricks that should come from you that drive men crazy. Here are those tips for you:

Get a sexy look

Most of the women make use of crazy love SMS to drive men crazy. It is sure that these SMS inspire the men to meet you. But you should make your man wild, with your look when you meet him. Your appearance plays a great role in attracting your boyfriend towards you. Get a little bit sexy look. This is the secret behind arresting the eyes and hearts of your partner.  Getting sexy look doesn’t mean changing the style of clothes and tons of makeup. You can simply try smoky eyes and somewhat seducing lips. It is just to turn on the man to the mood.

Try teasing

Try to tease your man.  This is one of the best ways to drive your man crazy. Never hesitate to give him what is needed by him all the time. But keep a break or pause. That means instead of giving long kiss or more kisses, kiss for a minute and pull back your lips making him wanting more. You can see the really crazy man. Then play with your hands. Put your hands on his neck or thighs when you move away. In case if you get him in the bedroom, it is a good idea to make him wild with your caresses and kisses before you get free from your clothes. In your private time, lean on him so that he could sneak a quick look at your cleavage.

Little bit sexy in public

Never leave him alone in public after a superb private time. Keep him at your arm’s length when you are in the public. Being sexy doesn’t mean to touch the man at every chance. Just hold his palms and try to rub on his shoulder frequently. Give him seductive smiles and engage in talks he loves. Keep your mind free and stay close to him when you watch a movie to looking at menu card. Let him feel how good and superb is the time when you are with him.

So these are some of the significant tips with which you can drive your man crazy. Try out these tips. You can find how easily your man turns crazy of you. Enjoy unforgettable and never experienced before moments that add tons of thrills to your relationship.  Make your relationship strong and let your man always think of you.

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