Know the Difference between Romance and Love

The words romance and love seem to be analogous, but the question is if they are similar? The answer is not quite clear and specific. The perception of romance varies for people, and it is more of individual preferences. When you like a girl, you befriend with her first. Then you move ahead with your romantic steps to allure her, and then at last propose her. Thus, it can be assumed that romance doesn’t mean love always.

Love, on the other hand, is an eternal feeling, a commitment, and care. You love her and want to spend quality time with her always, and be a part of her sorrow and happiness. Romance adds flavor and excitement to your love life. It is true that women love romantic guys. However it is necessary to perceive this quite well. Girls love men, who plan surprises for them and always have something new to offer them in the relationship. It needs not an expensive gift always. You can easily impress her with a rose, as well.

If you think that you can always keep your lady happy by gifting her something new, so as to tell her how much you love her then you are probably wrong. She wants your love and would fall in for you whenever you tell her how much you love her.

Romance in the initial stage of attraction:

You liked a girl, and have been wondering as to what to do for the sake of the impressing her and have come across many ideas.  The ideas might not be of any use until you execute them properly and effectively. She would like you to gift her roses, chocolates, and other things. This is an indication that you like her, but not an assurance that you indeed love her. You do this to win her attention towards you, and there can be some intention attached to it.

You might have seen some of your friends in the beginning of their relationship proudly talking about their partners who swiped them off the floor through the impressive manly romantic moves. They later realized that there is no love in it, and may be that was an infatuation. Now it is really difficult to find out if a guy with whom you are romantically involved is truly in love with you.

Romance after love:

Both men and women love to be romantically involved after committing love to each other. This is required to keep the sparkle of love on for long years to come. At times, reasonability and stressful life can leave you with no time to express your love to her. In this case, you can plan for a romantic dinner or long ride, where you can revive your love with her.  You don’t have to make extra efforts to tell her what her importance in your life is. There is a thin difference between Love and Romance, and it is all about commitment.

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