Romantic things you can say before telling those three words - I Love You

Those three words…

Most of you will get shivering on tongue when you are about to tell those three words to your girlfriend. If you are in true love, then if she rejects your proposal, it is more than something that you can imagine. Hence make sure that she has the same feeling and she loves your nearness. There are some romantic things you can say to your girlfriend to know her in advance before telling the final three words. If she likes and enjoys these romantic things, then you can approach her in this coming Valentine’s Day to tell ‘I Love You’. You can also send some of the best Love Pictures before the special day to create an impression.

Here are those romantic things for you.

Sweetheart you are so special for me

This is one of the nicest things that you can say to your girl friend. This conveys true love and can say this if you find difficulties in telling the other three cute words. With these words you are telling the same romantic statement to your girl friend how much she means for you without using the word love. Girls really love to hear these words from boys. Just tell her and watch the happiness and what happens next.

I am lucky to get your as girlfriend

A good girl friend can be best lover. Before confessing your love to your girl, tell her these beautiful words. This statement can certainly make her happy. Tell her that you are the luckiest person just because of her friendship. This can strengthen the relationship and makes the love path clear and problem free. Tell her that your time with her is the beautiful moments and you love a lot to stay with her. These romantic sayings without using the word love can surely make her know that you have special love to her and you are going to propose her with those three words soon.

You changed my life and I need you

Give a good role for your girl friend in your life. Tell her that your relationship with her brought a refreshing turn your life and you need her in your life for long time. This makes your vision crystal clear to your girl friend. With these words you are setting the foundation for your pure love towards her. These words brings powerful feel and if she enjoyed it, then you can get ready to say the three most valued words on Valentine’s Day.

Say I love you

Now you can get ready to say ‘I love you’ on the special day. You girl will be tempted to hear those words from you to break the bunch of feelings and dreams. Tell her in advance about your Valentine’s Day meeting.

She will be happy and will come prepared to hear those sweet words. There is no doubt she will not refuse your proposal if she likes your statements made before.

These are some of the important tips that help you to turn your girl on before telling ‘I love you’ on this Valentine’s Day.

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