Spellbound Your Lover with Promise Day Proposal

Have you been struck by cupid’s arrow?  May be you have just realized that you have strong emotions for her, and she feels the same way about you. This is the appropriate time to make a promise day proposal with a promise ring. Promise day is traditionally celebrated on February 11th every year.

So why should you present a promise ring? You desire to make a commitment but feel it is too early for an engagement ring. A promise ring is a compromise: it confirms your romantic feelings and makes a public commitment towards each other though you have not yet committed to a wedding.

One can give promise rings for many reasons other than romantic love. It can be used to mark and enduring, platonic friendship. It may mean to stay loyal and faithful to your partner. It may mean a promise to refrain from sexual activity before marriage. It may also mean a promise to get engaged and married eventually. Promise rings may also be exchanged before a couple decides to live in together.

A promise ring thus has many connotations. It is vital that before you present your girl with a promise ring, you are sure about what you intend to convey, and also apprise your girls on what you mean to convey with the promise ring proposal.

There are no fixed rules on the style and design of promise day rings. Promise rings for women or girls come in different metals and designs. You can find matching promise rings also for couples. Some popular designs are single solitaires and three gemstones rings. If you want to impress her, do it with a heart shaped ring.

A diamond is the way to a girl’s heart. But at this stage of promise day proposal, don’t feel pressurized to buy a diamond ring. Buy a ring with a gemstone that could be her birthstone or a stone that stands for the month you met.   A single band fashioned out of rose gold, gold or silver can also be gifted.

If you are adamant about gifting diamond ring, but cannot afford it right now, give an ordinary promise ring and start saving up for a diamond ring for when you will pop the question later. For the promise ring, search online about information related to birthstones and lucky stones.

How to make a promise day proposal?

  • Send promise day sms: with a message professing your romantic feelings towards her.
  • Do it with poetry: Write a poem in her honor or use some romantic poetry by leading poets and get it printed on a parchment paper. Roll it up and pop the promise ring inside along with a red rose. Present it to her and enjoy her delight in discovering the ring.
  • Do it with chocolate: Hide the ring in a box of chocolates and let her swoop in delight to discover the ring.
  • Treasure hunt: Add some fun by organizing a treasure hunt with clues that lead up finally to the promise ring.

These are some ways to make promise day proposals and to gift promise rings.

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