The story of Kiss, the language of love

February 13th, in the Valentine week, is celebrated by lovers all over the world as Kiss Day. Kissing is an act that reveals one’s innermost feelings. So get kissing on kiss day with the language of love for eternity.

How is a kiss done? A kiss is done by pressing one’s lip on another person or object. There are varied connotations of kiss in different cultures. As per the context and culture, a kiss can convey emotions and sentiments like affection, love, passion, respect, friendship, greeting, good luck, peace etc. In some places, a kiss could be symbolic like a sacrament or mark of devotion and respect.

The word Kiss comes from old English- from ‘coss’ (kiss). How did the practice of kissing evolve?

A). One theory attributes kissing to the days of the cave man. It is supposed that in those days, the mother first chewed the food for her baby, and then, transferred it into its mouth by way of a ‘kiss’. Thus, a kiss came to be a sign of affection between mother and child and eventually between adults.

B). A kiss from a religious perspective also emerged in the ancient days. As early as 2000 BC, people brought their faces together to symbolize spiritual union.

C). In India, it was believed that exhaled breath is symbolic of the soul and kissing stood for a merging of souls. The 3rd century text of Kamasutra elaborated on different ways of kissing.

D). In France in the 6th century AD, dancing was the way to express affection and every dance was ceased with a kiss.

E). It was in Russia that a kiss was integrated with the marriage ceremony, and a promise was sealed with a kiss.

F). The Romans welcomed each other with a kiss, and as the Roman Empire spread, the act of kissing went global.

On kiss day, one can express the inner most feelings with a tender kiss on the forehead or cheeks or lips. You can enhance the value of the kiss by including gifts of flowers, chocolates, candy or teddy bears. One can exchange kiss day SMS.

If someone you love is not with you and is far away from you, never fear- you can send a bunch of roses to his/her doorstep sealed with a  Kiss. Or you can sign XOXO.  XO is a sign off message conveying affection, love or friendship on cards, letters, e-mails, text messages and chat applications. It is still a mystery how XOXO came to mean ‘hugs and kisses’.  X means kisses and O means hugs.

This kiss day you must remind yourself of the fact that a kiss costs next to nothing. It is a sensitive expression to convey feelings of love and warmth. Kisses are good for your lover, wife, friend, parents, children, babies, family and all others. Kisses may be of different types: First kiss. Formal kiss.  Passionate kiss. Goodbye kiss.

Kiss day aims to make everyone appreciate the act of kissing. No traditions. No norms. Just a kiss!

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