Valentines Day Traditions from around the World

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe, some on February 14th or some on other dates. Some of the unusual traditions from around the world are as follows:

  • Brazil: The day of romance or love is celebrated on June 12th and they have named it ‘the day of the enamored’ (Dias dos Namorados). But it is celebrated like Valentine’s day- couples exchange flowers, presents and chocolates. It is celebrated on June 12th as June 11th is Saint Anthony’s day when single women perform rituals to land good boyfriends.
  • South Korea: On February 14th or White day, men gift goodies to women. Afterwards on April 14th or black day, women who did not get anything on White day, go to Chinese restaurants to feast on black noodles that mark their unlucky love life. In fact, 14th of every month is celebrated with regard to romance. There is a kiss day, wine day, green day, hug day and movie day.
  • Slovenia: Celebrates February 14th as the ‘Day of roots’. The proverb is that ‘St. Valentine brings the keys of the roots’. This day is considered one when plants and trees start growing. So farmers and vineyard workers plant seeds. Slovenians also believe that this is the day birds get married. March 12th is marked as Saint Gregory’s day, which was the original day of love but Valentine’s Day has taken up its place.
  • Britain: British poets have been the most prolific in penning romantic verses connected to Saint Valentine. Different areas in Britain have their own Valentine’s Day traditions. But sending of flowers, gifts, cards and chocolates is common to the whole nation. In Norfolk, a Santa like figure named Jack Valentine leaves gifts and goodies at the doorstep for children. In some places, people bake buns with caraway seeds, raisins or plums.
  • Australia: in the gold rush period, beneficiaries would order very expensive Valentine’s Day gifts. Some valentines include perfumed cushions decorated with shells and flowers. Some may be embellished with a stuffed bird of paradise or humming bird.
  • America: In the US, a lot of strange traditions there have been there down the ages. During the Civil war, Valentine cards featured political motifs. Early cards were lithographed, and handmade with lovely designs made of delicate lace paper and decorated with sea shells and seeds. Today, there is a tradition of American children exchanging Valentine’s with friends and even organizing a classroom party.
  • Denmark: The Valentine card of the Danes is called as a lover’s card. Another Danish custom is to send a card embossed with pressed white flowers called as snow drops to their friends.
  • Germany: There has been a tradition of a young man to present his lover with flowers on February 14th. In Germany, valentine’s gifts are in the form of love tokens, embellished with loving messages.
  • Italy: Italy: Valentine’s Day was at one time celebrated as a spring festival often in the open air. Young men and women would congregate, in ornamental gardens or tree arbors, to read poetry and listen to music. This custom has ceased. In Turin, couples were in the habit of announcing their engagement on February 14th.
  • India: Valentine’s Day has been commercialized as a lover’s day. People exchange Valentine’s Day SMS to express their love and commitment.
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